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Mens Italian Wool Wide Leg Dress Pants in Charcoal Grey
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These are the latest in urban fashion. These wide leg dress slacks feature a pleated front design with a wide baggy straight leg cut with a 22 inch opening at the bottom. Length Comes unfinished so you can have them...


Mens Wide Leg Pants

If you are following the fashion trends then you might have noticed the newest sensation which is the mens wide leg pants. To be true, the trend seems to be equally popular both with men and women. The wide leg pants are not new in town fashion since they have had a history with the mens fashion long back. The striking silhouette offered by the wide leg pants was a hit on the runways. But off the runway, in normal life, people did not take very seriously the wide leg pants. But this time it is different. We have progressed to the point where we consider fashion and comfort in equal scales. Thus if you are looking for a new fashion to try out this season then you should consider choosing the wide leg pants designs.

Mens Italian Wool Wide Leg Dress Pants in Burgundy

For a long time since the start of the 21st century, we men were obsessed with the skinny fits. Though it was atrociously difficult and breath-taking (literally) to get into those pants they provided a nice look which we all digged. But now the priorities are changing and men are looking for a more comfortable choice. This makes the wide leg pants the perfect piece to enter into this scenario at the present time. The mens wide leg pants are one of the biggest trends of this season and if you want to learn more about the style then this article is for you.

History of the wide leg trousers

As we mentioned before the wide leg pants are not exactly a new concept as people think them to be. The idea for this style of the pants started way back in the 1920s when the oxford students started wearing trousers that reached up to 40 inches in circumference in the hems (how they managed to walk with those pants is a story for another day). Soon the wide leg pants designs became synonymous with the gangster style and Hollywood was not too late to catch up with the style. There were many icons of that time like Frank Sinatra and David Bowie who adopted the style for their own and this went on till the 1970s. These wide leg pants were considered to be a statement style and all these style Gods made sure to pull it off easily.

But with time, the craze for the over-sized pants frizzled out and people started preferring the well-fitted styles of the pants. Fashion is cyclical and what goes comes. With that the wide leg trousers are also back in style and it seems to be the one that we need at the moment. So if you are a person who has been bored with your usual wardrobe choices and have been wanting to give yourself a new look then get yourself a classic wide leg pants for men.

While choosing the wide leg pants for men there are a few things that you will have to note. Usually we are concerned about the perfect fit of the trousers but with the wide leg pants it shouldn't be too much of a concern. You can easily find the mens wide leg pants readymade that fits your body type. Instead focus on finding the best quality wide leg pants. Go with the pants that are made of high quality fabrics even if you have to choose from the costly wide leg pants for men.

Mens Italian Wool Wide Leg Dress Pants in Tan

If you are a person who shops offline then you shouldfind the stores that offer the style using options like wide leg pants stores near me. But if you don't have enough time then you could easily get the mens wide leg pants online. One great thing with the online shopping is that you could check out more styles and compare the options. If you have a limited budget, you could find good quality wide leg pants at low price or you could even get the wide leg pants on discounts. The time that you spend searching for the styles matter the most and hence we would recommend you to thoroughly go through the wide leg pants collections for men. Check through the mens wide leg pants for sale on our website and you could easily find the qualitywide leg pants at lowest prices.

Styling the wide leg pants

You might have been quite impressed with the wide leg pants style but might not know much about the styling. If that is the only thing that is holding you back from trying out the style then we are here to help you. Here are some tips on how you can incorporate mens wide leg pants in your outfit.

You can start with casual outfits since they are easier to pull off and you wouldn't be too self conscious about your outfit. For a simple and cool look, you could style the light blue chambray long sleeve shirt and a pair of khaki unique mens wide leg pants. Other than this you could also style the white crew neck t-shirt with a pair of light blue wide leg pants.

Mens Italian Wool Wide Leg Dress Pants in Light Grey Mens Italian Wool Wide Leg Dress Pants in Brown Mens Italian Wool Wide Leg Dress Pants in Charcoal Grey

Once you are comfortable with the style then you could start to wear the wide leg pants for events.For example, if you are going on a date then you could style the navy turtleneck with a light grey designer wide leg pants and an olive long overcoat. To complete this cool winter outfit, you can add with it a pair of white low top leather sneakers.

For a more formal event, you could style the cream turtleneck with a grey striped suit jacket and matching grey striped wide leg pants. You can easily get these suit styles when you look for them in the wide leg pants for sale.For a more modern style, you could pair the black crew neck t-shirt with a black blazer and a pair of dark brown wide leg pants. Complete it with a pair of white and brown low top sneakers.