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Mens Leather Oxford Lace Up Dress Shoes

Let's not forget about the humble leather, and it's many variants. We have calfskin leather and deerskin leather, both fantastic and economical choices for a pair of mens lace up oxford dress shoes, guaranteed to last you a long time.

When we think of formal shoes, the first image that pops up in our mind are the Oxford shoes. The mens Oxford leather shoes have been the most formal types of shoes in menswear for a long time now. Chances are high that everyone reading the blog already have a pair or even two of the mens leather Oxford lace up dress shoes. There are various kinds of the Oxford shoes that is in the market. You can go through these styles to find the one that would suit you in the best way. You might already know a lot about the styling of the Oxford shoes but instead of the usual styling with the suits and blazers you can make a lot better use with the Oxford shoes. Read the article further to find how you can make the best use of these mens Oxford leather lace up shoes.

Before we go into the styling aspects of these shoes, it is important for all people to know what the Oxford shoes are. Oxford shoes are the formal shoes that come with the defining characteristic that is of the lacing system. The Oxford shoes come with the laces and the system is defined as the closed lacing system while the derby shoes consists of open lacing system. This lacing of the Oxford Dress shoes is the feature that makes the shoes look great for pairing with the formal outfits. <

Mens Mezlan Calfskin Wingtip in Cognac

As for the history of the oxford shoes, it can be traced back to the 17th century. This has remained to be one of the most popular styles for a long time now. During that time, the boots were more popular among men than the shoes. Instead of the laces the boots came with the buttons making the boots tightly fitting. The men used these boots both for indoors and outdoors. During that time, France was considered to be the epicenter for cultural advancements and people followed the fashion that was followed in the French court. The then King of France Louis XIV was of moderate height and thus he went with the high heeled boots all the time. Thus high heeled boots became the popular fashion then.

But then the Oxford shoes came into use and the people identified it to be more comfortable than the tight fitting boots. Though there is no clear evidence about who invented the style, it is said that the students in the Oxford University publicised the look and thus it became known as the Oxford shoes. These shoes came with the narrow slits on the sides and the students found it comfortable to wear it for the whole day. These slits were replaced with the laces with time which led rise to the style of the oxford shoes that is present now.

While choosing the Oxford shoes, it is important to note some of the details. Among these details the most important one is the material from which the oxford shoes are made from. It is because of the fact that the material of the shoes determines the look that the shoes offer to some extent and also the durability of the shoes. When you want a durable pair of shoes that can last you for a long time then you can choose the leather shoes.

Mens leather dress shoes are the ones that are most preferred by the men. There are various types of leather that can be used for the making of the dress shoes. Among them the most common choice is to go with the calfskin leather shoes. For a formal and regular wear pair of shoes, we would suggest you to go with the calfskin mens leather dress shoes.

While choosing the best pair of shoes that would work both for the formal and casual outfits, it would be best for you to choose the black leather dress shoes or the Mens Brown & Cognac leather shoes. Other than the formal shoes you can also choose the casual ones like the mens cognac leather shoes and more. While the calfskin leather shoes are recommended for regular wear use, there are other leathers that are recommended for the special occasions.

Mens Mezlan Soka Classic Cap Toe Dress Shoe in Brown

Mens Exotic Skin Oxford Dress Shoes are the ones that are recommended when it comes to the special events. These shoes are more expensive than the calfskin leather shoes since the leather is obtained by the exotic animals. While choosing the shoes make sure that you go with the quality brands. Mezlan Ales so formal shoes are one of our recommendations that you shouldn’t miss out on. There are various options in mezlan shoes and depending on your need you can pick out the best choice. If you are looking for formal shoes that you can wear with the tuxedos, then you can go with the mezlanlubin tuxedo loafers.

Mens Alligator Dress Shoes and crocodile shoes are some of the choices that have been preferred by people who love the exotic skin shoes style. Other than these there are also mezlan deerskin dress shoes and mens ostrich dress shoes.

Mens Mezlan Montes Calfskin Two Tone Dress Shoe in Navy & Cognac

If you have been observing the formal shoes trend for some time now you would have noted that the loafers are gaining a lot of attention. You can choose to go with the mezlan calfskin loafer shoes if you want a simple and elegant style. But for the special look, we would recommend you to go with the exotic skin dress loafers. Mens leather loafers are considered to be a more casual style than the lace up shoes. You can wear the mens leather slipon with both the formal and smart casual outfits.

There are various styles in the mens leather loafers. The mezlanpompeipenny loafers are the ones that are most preferred by the men but you can also choose to go with the leather tassel loafers. When it is for the special occasions you can go with the sophisticated style of the mens leather velvet loafers.

Leather oxford dress shoes are always desirable amongst men across all nations. Since these shoes are made of top notch fabrics, you could always expect a long durability of your pair. There are various leathers used for shoes like cowhide, ostrich, crocodile, alligator etc. All these fabrics are sure to add beauty to the shoes and eventually elevate your look and enhance your masculine appeal. You know, different kind of leathers would suit different occasions that you are going to attend. Whether you wear these shoes to your workplace or to a casual night out or to a celebratory wedding event, you can always count on them and look attractively trendy.

If you are in the footwear market for a pair of stylish yet comfortable shoes, then exotic leather oxford dress shoes are the only way to go. They go well with anything and everything you have in your closet, you know. Irrespective of the structural design or style of leather finish, they would perfectly complement all your business outfits and give you augmented looks. These shoes are must haves for all men who love style and charm. Even though, they are little bit expensive, they do have a timeless appeal and could last for your lifetime. If you would like to achieve a completely formal look, then try wearing a pair of flaunting leather oxford shoes that would also accentuate your professional image.

Mens Mezlan Alesso Formal Velvet Tuxedo Dress Shoe in Navy

When worn in the right way, they would give you formidable formal outlook that would be admired by anyone and everyone. They are designed in a pull on style that would provide you all the stability and comfort you always craved for. If you are looking for a pair of casual style shoes, then lean towards casual leather oxford shoes that would also give you a more relaxed image. No other footwear choice, whether worn as a fashion accent or to complete your look, could make you look confident, assured and in total control. Leather shoes are one of the best footwear choices that you can wear whole day and relish in utmost comfort, while helping you stay trendy and chic.

As the style for the modern man has been gradually changing with the passage of time, good quality leather oxford shoes have always got something to say about the matter, as they made a great mark on their own merit. The existence of these shoes has always allowed for an expensive method of making a perfect style statement. They have also been an integral part of men's fashion statement. Amongst the many forms of men's footwear choices, leather oxford shoes are the one that are certain to turn many heads to your way. No matter if you wear them with the simplest outfits or embellished outfits, they create a grand entire ensemble for you.

Mens Mezlan Malcolm Calfskin Plain Toe Blucher Dress Shoe in Tan

These shoes also have much more to offer apart from the stylish guise. The good thing about these shoes is, they are available in a wide range of styles, designs and patterns in today's fashion market. Even a good pair of cheap leather oxford shoes could also make up your outfit and complete your look. They are one of the most important clothing purchases that a man would ever make for his lifetime. When worn in the right way, they make a huge difference in the image that you project in both formal and informal setting. They could easily go well with pretty much everything, formal suits, casual outfits, semi formal attire, jeans, flat front pants, baggy trousers and the list goes on.

Another great thing about these shoes is that they could give you the desired look, be it formal or informal or semiformal. If you know the ways to dress smartly and elegantly, then you clearly know the importance of having a decent pair of youth leather oxford shoes in your closet. They could also be considered a worthy investment in a fashionable, smart and extensive wardrobe, you know. Your outfit couldn't be complete without a remarkable pair of leather shoes. You don't need to own hundreds of thousands of leather shoes even if they do come in an extensive array of styles and designs. All you need to have is a few stunning and quality pairs in your closet.

When styled right, they will make you feel comfortable and stay fashionable. You can also find these leather shoes in all colors and styles, depending on the outfit you wear. They can be worn with any of your outfit and will help to complete your look and make certain you look luxurious and classy. You know, a pair of best leather oxford dress shoes would never fail to draw attention. Whether it comes with a simple or intricate design or it comes in a dull or bright color, a pair of stylish leather oxford shoes would always add liveliness to your outfit and elegance to your look.

Mens Ferrini Alligator Cap Toe Dress Shoe in Black Mens Ferrini Square Toe Alligator Dress Shoe in Camel Mens Ferrini Square Toe Alligator Dress Shoe in Grey

No matter how simple your outfit is, these shoes would certainly bring the much needed oomph. With them, you can transform your ordinary look into something extraordinary in just a matter of seconds. With these attractive shoes on your feet, it won't be hard for you to pull up a sophisticatedly trendy look. You can wear them with almost anything and everything in your closet and look like a rock star. They add a perfect finishing touch to all your outfits and give you an elevated masculine appeal. By pulling on the right pair of leather dress shoes for your individual shape and size, you can pull off an amazingly great look that can be unmatched anyway. When you are updating your wardrobe, be sure to include a pair of mens leather oxford dress shoes in your accessory arsenal.