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Mens Exotic Skin Sneakers & Tennis Shoes

There's nothing better than an exotic skin sneaker. It's a casual shoe that still says you mean business. Regardless of which skin you go with you really can't go wrong having a few pairs of exotic skin sneakers in your closet. You can pick from many different skins below. 

If you are a person who takes some time to pick out the footwear, then you might already have a collection of formal shoes and sneakers. While some people have an obsession with formal shoes, some people love to collect the casual ones like sneakers. Sneakers have become a common choice and thus to stand out from the crowd, we would recommend you to go with the mens exotics skin sneakers tennis shoes. Most of the time we tend to dress up for work or any special occasions. But while we choose the casual outfits we choose themrandomly depending on our taste. We do not have the fear of judgement as much as with the formal garments. Thus the casual outfits with mens exotic skin sneakers tennis shoes will be sure to provide you with a relaxed and satisfying outfit.

Usually, we go with the usual leather sneakers like the calfskin ones or the canvas sneakers since they are the most popular. But soon enough everything starts to look the same and you would be searching for a style that would work out differently. This is where the mens exotic skin sneakers tennis shoes come in. The use of the distinct leather makes the shoes more desirable and unique when compared with the usual sneakers. If you are a person who loves to try out new styles then you will definitely need a pair of exotic skin sneakers or tennis shoes in your footwear collection.

Mens Belvedere Vasco Hornback Crocodile Sneaker in Navy Mens Belvedere Paulo Sneaker in Calf & Ostrich Leg Patchwork in White

You might already know that the exotic skin or leather is a much rarer find when compared to calfskin. Thus the cost of the exotic skin sneakers would be always higher than the calfskin shoes. But the look that they offer is worth the money you pay for it, especially if you are a person who dislikes choosing the same style over and over again. Choosing the mens exotic skin sneakers is not a very different job than selecting the calfskin shoes. Style plays the most important role in determining what to pick and what not. But one thing that you should definitely note about the exotic skin sneakers or exotic skin tennis shoes is the quality.

There might be a lot of fake styles in the market because of the elevated price. It is perfectly fine to buy a imitated style when you know it is fake. But some sellers might try to pass the fake ones as the original ones and this is where you should be better. When you go for the purchase make sure that you know about the leather and learn the techniques to easily tell the real one apart from the fake ones. One easier way is to go with the branded shoes. These brands offer quality exotic skin sneakers tennis shoes at reasonable prices and you don’t have to be wondering about the authenticity. Mens Mezlan Exotic Skin Shoes and Belvedere are some of the brands you must check out if you are thinking about getting the exotic skin shoes.

Coming back to the leather of the exotic skin sneakers, the durability depends on the leather along with the look that the shoes offer and thus it is important to choose it with care. Here are some of the exotic skin leathers that you should add on your list while thinking of exotic skin sneakers. Go through the advantages and disadvantages of each to find out the one that will suit you in the best way.

1. Alligator skin

Mens Belvedere Damian Alligator Hiking Boot in Peanut

Alligator skin is the most valued material when it comes to the making of the exotic skin sneakers. They are also the most expensive among all because of the limited number available to be used. The alligator skin is flexible and comes with smooth scales since it has lesser calcium deposits when compared to crocodile or caiman skin. This makes the alligator skin to be more preferable for the making of the sneakers and Mens Alligator Dress Shoes.

The belly skin of the alligators is the one that is mostly used in the making of the shoes. This is because of the fact that the skin is easier to stitch and it also absorbs the dyes easily. Thus it can result in colorful shoes. If you like the Mens Exotic Skin Dress Shoes but with a smoother texture then you should definitely go with mens Alligator sneakers.

2. Crocodile skin

Crocodile skin has lots of calcium deposits and thus are harder than the Alligator skin. But mens crocodile sneakers are much more durable and thus are recommended for people who expect the shoes to last for a long time. If you are a person who liked the alligator style shoes but do not have the right budget to go with it then we would suggest you to choose belvedere crocodile sneakers. There are different styles available in the brand like belvedere Paulo sneakers and men’s nappa calf sneakers. Depending on what you value most, you can choose the best style that would work for you.

3. Ostrich skin

If you value the comfort over anything else then you can choose to go with the ostrich dress shoes. The lightweight skin is also one of the most durable choice and thus it would be one of the most workable choices. Mens ostrich sneakers also come in different styles since the leather is flexible and easy to work on. If you want a pair of exotic skin sneakers that are comfortable and durable then mens ostrich sneakers will be your choice.

Other than these, there are also many other choices in exotic skin sneakers tennis shoes like mens lizard sneakers and mens stingray sneakers. While the usual mens leather sneakers would offer you a blended in look when paired with the casual outfits, the exotic skin sneakers would provide you with an noticeable style. Go through the different styles of the exotic skin sneakers and tennis shoes available so that you will have an idea of the choices that would work for you.

Mens Belvedere Bene Ostrich Casual Sneaker in Black

We all dress to impress especially for the workdays. We want our outfit to be look perfect and professional when it comes to our business attire. Thus it would help you drop this cautiousness for some time and choose the casual style. This is one of the reason why we are emotionally attached to our off duty outfits. For once we don’t have to think too much and just choose something that we think that are best for us. But if you want to easily elevate the casual outfit style without even trying too much then we have a secret ingredient for you – mensexotic skin sneakers tennis shoes.

Sneakers are one of the components that are almost an inevitable part of every man’s wardrobe. Sneakers are the savior of our casual outfits and we can just put them on without worrying too much whether it would work out or not. This is because of the fact that the sneakers would easily pair with almost every outfit. But if you want the look to be more special and you are a person who loves to try out new styles then you could choose to go with the mens exotic skin sneakers tennis shoes.

There are different styles of sneakers and sneakers might be the one of the accessories that has more variations than the Covid virus. Almost everyday you see a collaboration and a new style of sneaker coming out. Thus you have a lot of styles available from which you can choose. But most people would stick to the basic style of the white sneakers. In recent times, the new styles of the sneakers have become popular and one among them are the exotic skin sneakers.

Mens Mauri Crocodile & Nappa Calf Sneaker in Blue

If you haven’t already acquainted with the exotic skin shoes then these are the ones that are made from the leather of the exotic animals like alligator, crocodile, lizard and more. The unique pattern on the exotic skin shoes is what makes the shoes special to look at. It gives you a rich look and instantly elevates the style of the outfit. They are also durable and could give the best return for the money you spend on it. As we mentioned before there are different styles of the exotic skin sneakers for men. If you are intrigued about the style then it would help to learn more about each style. Each of these shoes have an unique characteristic which sets them apart from the rest of the shoes. When you get to know the details, it would be easier to select the styles that would suit you.

Alligator mens skin sneakers

Alligator shoes are the most popular among all the exotic skin shoes. If you are a person who goes for the best in everything then Alligator skin shoes are the best choice. Alligator shoes are expensive than the other exotic skin shoes but offers the best look.

If you are looking for shoes that could create a special look for your outfit then go with the alligator exotic skin sneakers for outfits. Alligator skin dress shoes are the most popular since it gives a rich and powerful look for the wearer. The patterns on the alligator shoes are also stylish and exudes a classy look. With the alligator skin sneakers styles,it gives a hybrid of the two looks which is both classy and casual. Usually when we choose the casual outfits, we look for comfort and also durability. It is the same with the sneakers since it is obvious that we are going to use it a lot. Thus while looking for the sneakers make sure that you choose the durable mens skin sneakers.

Caiman belly leather sneakers

This is a cheaper cousin of the alligators and thus the favorite choice of the people who consider the alligator shoes to be a little too much in price. Caiman are crocodilians and they are present in abundance in the central and south american regions. The caiman belly is the one that is used for the making of the footwear.

If you are a person who has a limited budget but would want a decent and durable pair of exotic skin shoes then you should go with the caiman stylish tennis shoes. The caiman skin sneakers are similar to the alligator skin shoes with only little difference. Thus if you are looking for a stylish and functional piece of footwear that fits within your budget then you should be going with the caiman or crocodile skin tennis shoes for men.

Ostrich leather sneakers

If you are a person who values quality of the shoes the most then you should be considering going with the ostrich leather sneakers. Ostrich leather is considered to be one of the strongest leathers present. The unique characteristic of ostrich leather is the raised skin that looks like bumps. These are found only in the crown which is only one third of the whole skin size of the ostrich. This makes the crown skin ostrich shoes and bags costly.

If you are a person who loves the unique look skin sneakers then ostrich should be your choice. Ostrich skin shoes could also be the best choice for the people who are looking for flashy style skin sneakers. While purchasing for the sneakers, take some time to explore the styles and check for the quality. If you don’t have much experience with the exotic skin shoes then it would be best to stick with the best brands. There are brands which offer the high quality skin sneakers for men. The price might be a little high but they are the best quality and can last for a long time.

Lizard leather sneakers

If you are a fan of the flashy styles of the shoes then it would be a great choice for you to go with the lizard leather sneakers. There are dark skinned lizards but there are also lizards with brilliant colors. Thus depending on the look that you need, you can make the choice.

Lizard skin has an unique appearance and the premium quality tennis shoes lizard is the best choice. While the alligator and crocodile shoes filed the industry, the lizard shoes has started gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. Other from the unique and trendy look, the lizard exotic sneakers also are more affordable when compared to other styles. Another thing with the lizard shoes is that you could choose the size of the scales. If you are a subtle dresser then you could choose to go with the lizard mens skin sneakers exotic. But there are also shoes that comes with the large scales which gives you a flashy and eye catching look.

Mens Belvedere Bene Ostrich Casual Sneaker in Black

We hope that you have learnt a lot about the mens exotic skin sneakers tennis shoes – enough to have made a choice about what you want. Whichever the style you are going to use, make sure to choose only the best skin sneakers. Usually people choose to buy the skin sneakers onlinebut there are also people who prefer offline shopping. You could choose to check out the unique tennis shoes in stores. You can choose to even wear them before you get it for yourself. But one thing with the offline shopping is that you cannot go through various styles in a lesser time. But when you choose to go with the online shopping, you can check through the mens skin sneakers collections all within a short time.

These exotic skin shoes are the best in exuding richness with your casual outfit. There are different ways to check the quality of the shoes like checking the interior of the shoes. Feel the leather first and check whether it is authentic. Also check the details like the stitches and leather present in the interior. There are a lot of fake ones in the market and make sure not to get fooled.

Styling of the exotic skin sneakers and tennis shoes

Though it is a casual style, you still want to look best. You might not need a lesson on styling the sneakers since it is one of the most versatile styles available in mens footwear. But a little influx of ideas would never hurt and thus we have compiled some of the best exotic skin sneaker outfits that would help you to get the best look.

The sneakers can be easily worn with the casual outfits but you can also make it work with the smart casual and sometimes even the formal outfits. It all depends on finding the right style of the shoes and then finding the best outfit for it to be paired with. If you are getting the exotic skin sneakers for the first time then you might be cautious with the outfits. In that case, you could start with styling the sneakers with the casual outfits first and then moving on with the smart casual and formal outfits.

Casual outfits

Mens Mauri Crocodile & Nappa Calf Sneaker in Blue

For a simple style statement, you could style the dark green print hoodie with a pair of dark brown jeans. For a guaranteed touch of stylish nonchalance, you could add with the outfit a pair of white and black classic tennis shoes for men.For a simpler and cooler style, you could pair the white crew neck t-shirt with a beige plaid long sleeve shirt and a pair of black cargo pants. To make the outfit your favorite without too much effort, add with it a pair of black popular skin sneakers and a charcoal baseball cap.

If you are into the trendy look, then you should be choosing to style the brown fleece zip sweater with a white tank and a pair of olive green chinos. Go with a pair of whitehigh quality skin sneakers for men to match the tone of this outfit. Even with the casual outfits, most of us tend to stick with the darker colors. But in recent times, we see men embracing the colors with their outfit. If you are ready to include some colors to your outfit then you could style the white print crew neck t-shirt with a red print varsity jacket and a pair of light blue jeans. To give the outfit a more relaxed spin, add with it a pair of beige stylish tennis shoes.

Exotic skin sneakers always rank first in the fashion preference list of men as they serve an extensive range of purpose, both fashionable and functionally. You know, they have got multiple faces like athletic shoes, sport shoes, dance shoes, casual shoes, formal shoes etc. Every single skin sneaker has its own remarking features that would be loved and admired by many fashion minded men. These mens tennis shoes always aim at the comfort of the wearer ad they perfectly cater the requirements of the wearer to the maximum. There are a wide range of styles, designs, patterns and shades available in each kind of sneaker shoes, you know. They are really handy choices to have around when you would like to adorn your feet with something more stylish and comfortable.

Sneaker designs seem to be evolving and you could easily find them in many different styles, colors and materials. So the sneaker collection would always let you choose one according to your imaginations and needs. These sneakers get the perfect shape with the best features, you know. They are made with fine materials like leather, wool, canvas, fine suede, exotic skin etc. These sneakers are also made with eco-friendly materials that would do no harm to your smooth feet. For the sneakers to best fit into the foot of the wearer, they do come in three styles namely lace up, ladder lock and hook and loop. The soles of these sneakers are made with fine quality fabric to offer more flexibility to the feet of the wearer.

Mens Mauri Ticino Calfskin & Crocodile Sneaker in Grey & Cognac

Flashy style skin sneakers do come with many different attractive features that would provide excellent traction during the gait, you know. Because of their flashy nature and exquisite style, they own the love of men of all ages and give a perfect fashion choice to anyone and everyone. They are extremely attractive with eye-catching designs and splashing colors that would even complete your look and glam up your beauty quotient. They also do play an important role in adding more to your individual style and the mens stylish skin sneakers will suit men comfortably and fashionably in all their actions. They offer you the best footwear choice to satiate your fashion thirst and help you relish in the perfection in your actions.

They have a padded foot bet that would give extra cushioning to your feet, so you will never find any single discomfiture at all. These sneakers are also made with sandy effect that would make you as if you are walking on the sand and it would certainly add more to your joy and fun. When worn with right outfits in the right way, they would help make your steps more supportive and protected, irrespective of the obstacles, thorns and hurdles before you. Each of these durable skin sneakers has got their own attractiveness and specialty and they give your feet ultimate comfort to the core.

You know, premium quality tennis shoes are as special as they are amicable to the feet and they are fashionable and trendy at the same time. At times, they could also be used as athletic shoes because athletic field finds its close association with unique tennis shoes. They are extremely popular and they serve the wearers to enhance their individual playing style. These shoes find their part in making the sport event a more interesting show eventually. You know, the world of mens exotic skin sneakers has got their new buddies is quick intervals and they keep themselves updated with the most recent fashion trends. The various sneaker shoe styles and patterns find good competition amongst themselves with the most interesting and attractive features.

Mens Belvedere Orfeo Caiman & Italian Calf Sneaker in Red

There are lots and lots of branded tennis shoes available to accompany you in all your playful as well as casual actions. Most importantly, they satisfy the fashion preferences and desires of men of all ages and from all walks of life. If you do have a good collection of mens skin sneakers in your closet, then you are all set to rock all your occasions with unique style and charm. If you are caught wearing these shoes, you will be seen as the only dignified and stylish person even in the huge crowd. In whatever way you wear them, they would really stand out and make you look stunningly trendy and stylish. They are extremely convenient and easy to wear as you could slip them on your feet effortlessly.

They are also extremely comfortable that you can wear them all day long without feeling anything wrong. They are the best footwear choices to own and wear, if style and comfort are your utmost importance. As a stunning combination of fashion and functionality, they have been sweeping the entire fashion world, you know. Being irregular and conservative in look, they are able to perfectly meet the fashion demands and needs of people ranging from toddlers to the elderly. The trendy and attractive looks of the designer skin sneakers do attract a lot of men to buy and wear. Their amazing ability to keep the feet warm and comfortable would also contribute more to their popularity. When you wear these luxurious footwear choices to your special occasions, you will definitely be the head turner in the huge crowd. So, what is stopping you? Buy a pair of exotic skin sneakers online, wear it proudly, elevate your look and accentuate your masculine appeal.