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Mens Leather Loafer Slip On Dress Shoes

The classic leather slip on loafer dress shoe. Whether it's a tassel loafer, or a penny loafer, or even just a plain loafer, sometimes you just don't want to deal with laces. Deerskin and Calfskin leathers make a great fabric for a comfortable slip on loafer, perfect with both a suit and a pair of shorts, a great all around dress shoe.

One of the best innovations in the footwear world is the mens leather loafers. The loafers have been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times even if they were present for a long time. Mens leather loafer slip on dress shoes come in different styles and though the basic design remains the same the small details make all the change. If you are looking for a mix of the formal and casual styles for your footwear, then you should go with the mensslip on loafers. The hybrid design of these shoes have remained in style for a long time now and with good reason. In this article we discuss everything that you need to know about the mens leather loafer slip on dress shoes.

As we have already mentioned, the mens loafers come in different types and depending on your need you can make the pick. But we go into these details of selecting and styling the loafers in the right way, we think that it might be interesting for you to know about the history of these loafers. Most of the people think that the loafers are a contemporary style that just came into existence. This is because of the fact that we consider the loafers design to be creative and futuristic. But know that this futuristic design came into being almost 80 years ago. This is simply an estimate with the proven records but in reality we cannot guess the real age of the loafers since the variations of the style have remained in use long before.

Mens Mezlan Tours Calfskin Slip On Loafer in Cognac

After all these years mens leather slip-ons have managed to remain in style making it one of the timeless styles that will stay relevant probably in the future too. The loafers style seem to have come from the designs that Norwegian farmers used to wear when they worked. People who visited Norway loved the style and soon the tourists were taking back the loafers to their country. As the popularity started to rise, an American company created a similar style of the shoes and named it loafer. This was a product name then but now has become the universal term used to indicate the moccasin style shoes.

While choosing the Loafers there are a few things that you should note. Firstly make sure that the quality of the material used for the making of these footwear is authentic. For this, we would recommend you to choose the branded names since these providers tend to have an universal customer base and thus might not compromise with the authenticity. For example, mezlan is one such brand that has been in the industry for a long time. There will also be many styles that you can choose when it comes to these brands. When it comes to mezlan you can choose mezlan calfskin loafer shoes but at the same time you can also get the dress shoes and tennis shoes. Also there are Exotic skin loafers which you can try out when you are purchasing the footwear to wear for a formal event. Thus go through the styles available carefully and then make the pick.

The various styles of the loafers have a different kind of history and thus we will start with the styles and their history too.

Penny loafers

Mens Mezlan Pompei Penny Loafer in Bone

This is the most classic style of the loafers and these shoes come with a diamond shaped slot that has a leather strap around it. This slot is empty and in the earlier times the American pep students stuffed a pair of coins in these slots for emergency phone calls. This is how the penny loafers got its name. The penny loafers are considered to be a formal style and if you are bored with your usual mens leather dress shoes then you can choose the leather penny loafers.

Penny loafers are one of the best styles where you can choose to go with the exotic skin loafers. Instead of the usual calfskin loafers style you can choose Alligator or crocodile skin loafers. These offer a elevated and sophisticated look which makes it possible to wear them with the formal garments like the tuxedos and suits. Mezlanlublin tuxedo loafers are one of the most popular styles of the brand that you should definitely check out if you are looking for formal shoes.

Tassel loafers

Tassel loafers might have come into existence only after the penny loafers but they seem to have gathered quite a fanbase. Tassel loafers are one of the most popular styles of the loafers and also have a very interesting story behind it. While the Oxford Dress shoes with tassels at the end became a famous style, the Alden shoe company was requested to make a similar style and thus tassel loafers were born. The tassel loafers com with the tassels on the front and give out a cool style.

The classic tassel loafer shoes are considered to be less formal than the penny loafers but you can still style them with the suits and blazers. If you are looking for a stylish choice then we would suggest you to check out the mezlan Marcello dress loafers style.

Mens Mezlan Plazza Suede & Calfskin Tassel Loafer Dress Shoe in Navy

Horsebit loafers

Mens Mezlan Lublin Velvet Tuxedo Loafers in Navy

This is quite a new style of the loafers when compared with the previous two. These loafers come with a golden brass strap which resembles a horse’s snaffle on the front of the shoes. This style was first introduced by Gucci in 1968 and soon became popular especially with the wall street men. Also until then, the black loafers were all the rage but Gucci introduced the brown loafers which picked up in style.

As for the exotic skin loafers there are also other choices that you can try out like the mezlan deerskin dress shoes, stingray mens cognac leather shoes and more. If you are bored with the leather shoes on the whole then find other choices like the mens velvet tuxedo loafers and such. The soft material offers a rich look for your outfit.

Fashion minded people are classified into mainly two categories. First group prefer comfort over fashion and the second group prefer fashion over comfort. But when it comes to choosing both comfort and fashion, mens leather loafer shoes are the best footwear choices that any man could opt for. They are slip on style choices that could be worn easily without much hassle or annoyance, you know. Today, they have become increasingly popular amongst modern upscale men because of their extraordinary comfort level and fashionable look. They are also flexible choices that can be teamed up with anything and everything in your closet. They are perfectly cushioned at the back that would ensure that you get utmost comfort level and could walk easily without straining your feet much. They do come at extremely affordable prices making them highly universal and preferable amongst men of all ages and from all walks of life.

Another great advantage of wearing loafer dress shoes is that they prevent you from the hassle of neatly tying up the laces and the additional grip of these shows let you walk stylishly for greater hours with supreme comfort. They are distinctively fashionable and comfortable choices giving both the amazing qualities at one place and that too at a nominal price range. Men generally love things that are hassle free, you know. These shoes with retro feel and attractive slip on style detail are often seen worn by many fashion models, sport stars and cine celebrities, adding to their image as a classy and sexy choice for footwear. Since they made their way into the modern men’s closet, new fine and attractive touches have been added to make them appear completely different, stunningly unique and more exciting. They are extremely comfortable footwear choices and would look exceptionally great with any kind of outfit that you put on.

You can wear them to both formal and informal settings and people around you would certainly notice your fashionable and cool new look. Wearing a pair of good quality leather loafer shoes would also make you appear very accessible and approachable as opposed to others who often prefer wearing formal shoes all the time. They may be thought as being tough choices whereas men who wear them would certainly be perceived as relaxed, easy going and friendly. Many people do have a common misconception that loafer shoes could be worn only to informal setting, but it is not actually true. There are many different leather loafer shoe designs available that could be worn to both formal and informal occasions, you know.

Mens Mezlan Milani Calf & Deerskin Cap Toe Slip on Loafer Dress Shoe in Burgundy Mens Mezlan Caba Woven Calf Slip on Loafer in Black

If you are bored of wearing the same formal dress shoes to your regular workplace and formal occasions, then try wearing exotic leather loafer dress shoes for a change and see how attractively and professionally you look. They would make you feel extremely comfortable too. You can buy these shoes in various colors and wear any of them according to your individual occasion and fashion preferences. Be it a formal event or informal event or semiformal event, a pair of flaunting leather loafer shoes is perfect for any occasion. There are also loafer shoes that do come with vintage designs and modern add-ons to perfectly match the fashion preferences of anyone and everyone.

Fashion designers nowadays are coming out with more attractive styles and designs in loafer shoes, because they have clearly understood the ever growing demand of these comfortable yet stylish shoes that are ideal for both daily wear and occasional wear. They are actually a practical alternative to traditional formal shoe choices because you couldn’t wear those formal footwear choices to any location all the time. But when you choose to wear best quality leather loafer shoes, you can easily carry them to anywhere you like and project a stunningly sophisticated image. You can wear them with any kind of outfit you have and make a distinctive fashion statement of your own. Wherever you go wearing these loafers, you would certainly make a positive as well as optimistic impression.

Mens Mezlan Marcello Vented Dress Loafer in Navy

You know, one of the most popular footwear choices of all times in the whole world for fashion minded men is leather loafer dress shoes. Known for amazing style and supreme comfort, they have become increasingly popular with modern upscale men and any man who has a good sense of fashion. They are one of the must have footwear staples in men’s wardrobe owing to their supreme comfort and a differently unique style. You know one thing, party wear leather loafer shoes are trendy and modish since they have been in the fashion industry. They have undergone many fashion changes and now they have been perfectly designed to suit all your fashion needs.

When you wear them, you will have cent percent comfort that would make you walk confidently and proudly. Your feet health would also be improved with these shoes. They will provide your feet the ultimate relaxation that they always deserve. They are slip on style shoe choices that would add a touch of glamour and style to your individual look, you know. Since they are lightweight choices, you can easily carry them to anywhere and everywhere you like. Beyond doubt, they are extremely comfortable and easy, while letting you walk and move in continuously for greater hours without any single disturbance, ache or tiredness. They do have an elastic sole and would greatly help men who have to commute a lot. They look graceful with almost any sort of outfit, so you can always count on them with no second thought.