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Mens Belvedere Exotic Skin Shoes

When it comes to shoes we all love to go with the standard choices but sometimes it is also exciting to try out new styles. Whichever the type of shoes that you choose one main thing that you will have to note is the quality of the shoes. Only with good quality shoes you would feel comfortable and also the durability aspect is also increased. Thus make sure that you choose the quality ones which will last you for a long time. There are some brand names that offer these type of shoes also at an affordable price. One such brand is Belvedere and their shoes are considered to be one of the best in the market. Belvedere has customers all over the world and the popularity only seems to be increasing. If you are looking for a detailed report about Belvedere shoes and what makes them so special then you have come to the right place.

Mens Belvedere Todd Genuine Ostrich Leg Sneaker in Ocean Blue

Before we go into the details of the mens Belvedere shoes it would be great to know the history of Belvedere made its own name among all the big brands. Belvedere is not a new name for people who have good taste in footwear. The story of Belvedere started in 1983 when Stefano Giovacchini, the founder of Belvedere brand moved to California from his homeland Florence, Italy. The man has been always fascinated by the tanneries and shoe factories that surrounded the area that he grew up in. Thus his interest in the luxury footwear made him start his own business in the shoe industry. As cliché as it sounds he started his business in the back of his garage with a phone extension from the kitchen.

It wasn’t all roses and rainbows during the start since gaining customers in Bay area was not an easy job. Stefano started targeting small shoe stores and boutiques first. It started with small orders which turned into big ones with time. Soon about hundreds of stores were buying from Stefano. Now he wanted to expand the business and thus he took it on road. He started travelling to various places like new york, Florida and Chicago to attend trade shows. Soon there were orders rolling in from all over the country.

Till then the shoes came from the Italian factory and Stefano wasn’t in charge of the design or what they decided to change. Thus he took the next step in business which is to design the shoes. This is when he thought that the brand needed a new name and Belvedere seemed to be the perfect pick. Though Belvedere started out with just the dress shoes now it has expanded its horizon with the casual shoes like sneakers or the belvedere exotic shoes. Belvedere continues to impress customers with its innovative and classic designs and the popularity seems to be growing with new countries added to the list.

There are various styles in the Belvedere shoes mens and it is important to go through these styles to find the one which would suit you. You can also consider the type of event you are getting the shoes for since it might help you filter out the styles. Here we have included some of the recommendations which we think might help you get on the right track.

If you are purchasing for a pair of shoes that you can use as your regular wear then there is no better choice than belvedere flash calfskin shoes.These men’s belvedere dress shoes are the most formal kind of shoes and can be worn with almost any kind of formal outfits. On the other hand if you are looking for a casual style then we would suggest you to choose styles like mens belvedere Paulo sneakers or such.

Mens Belvedere Kevin Italian Calf & Ostrich Leg Sneaker in Blue & White

But there is a line of shoes that are sought out by people who have real love for fashion and want to try out new styles that will help them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Belvedere exotic skin shoes are the ones that are made from the leather of exotic animals like crocodile, snakes, lizard and such. The unique patterns on these shoes make them different from the usual mens leather dress shoes. If you want a powerful and rich style then you should think of going with the Belvedere exotic dress shoes.

There are different styles in the Belvedere mens exotic shoes but the most popular one among them all is the Belvedere Stefano alligator shoes. Exotic skin dress shoes are usually pricier than the calfskin leather shoes but alligator shoes are the most popular of them all. This js because of rare availability and also the time consuming manufacturing process.

But if you think that the price for the alligator dress shoes are high then you should consider going with the Belvedere caiman crocodile shoes. Though these have their own differences with the alligator shoes they still give out a similar look to some degree. But they are considerably lesser in price when compared to the alligator shoes. They are the second most popular choice among people looking for exotic shoes. There is also the option of you going with the Belvedere crocodile sneakers when you want a casual pick.

Mens Belvedere Vasco Hornback Crocodile Sneaker in Navy Mens Belvedere Paulo Sneaker in Calf & Ostrich Leg Patchwork in White

Ostrich dress shoes are the ones that are recently rising in popularity. Rearing of the ostriches started in South Africa but now the ostrich shoes have become one of the most sought after styles. Ostrich leather is tough and thus is the best choice for people who are looking for stylish yet durable styles. Belvedere ostrich shoes are the ones that are most recommended for people looking for sturdy styles. If you aren’t ready to go with the dress shoes yet then you can start with the casual shoes. Belvedere ostrich leg sneakers might provide with a good start or you can also choose belvedere ostrich casual sneakers. Since the price is high for the exotic skin shoes there might be a lot of fake ones in the market and thus make sure that you spend your money wisely.

Shoes pull together the whole outfit together and if you don’t believe us then try pairing your business suit with a pair of sandals. Shoes are also one of the very few items that a viewer notes on you immediately. This makes the shoes an important part of your outfit and hence you will have to spend quality amount of time to select it properly. Belvedere shoes need no introduction since they are one of the most popular shoe brands of recent times. They are well known and popular throughout the world for their quality and classically trendy designs. If you are a fan of Belvedere shoes or thinking of getting one then this article is for you.

So what makes the belvedere shoes so popular? And how did it grow to be such a huge brand with customers all over the world? A little history is always interesting and Belvedere’s history is anything but boring. Stefano Giovacchini also fondly known as the gator man is the owner of Belvedere brand.He grew up in Florence, Italy and still carry the traces of his beloved motherland with the thick Italian accent of his. Florence was also the birthplace of his love for footwear.

Mens Belvedere Paulo Sneaker in Calf & Ostrich Leg Patchwork in Burgundy

The story began in 1986 when Stefano moved to California to explore his odds in the footwear industry. Belvedere has a similarity with great brands like Apple and Google. It also started in the garage with a phone extension cord that stretched from the kitchen. He started small by making the small stores and boutiques his clients. Gaining the big stores was tough but Stefano never gave up. He met with a buyer for Nordstrom and showed him his shoes. The buyer was impressed and placed an order for about two hundred or three hundred pairs. Soon the business picked up and orders started pouring in all through the stores in Bay Area.

But Stefano didn’t want to stop with Bay Area and wanted to explore more. With his success fresh in his mind, he started travelling to placed like Florida, New York and Chicago where he attended the trade shows. Now he had customers giving orders all through the nation. But Stefano was limited to the ventures of the Italian factory that he represented and had to accept their price range for the shoes. He wanted out and turned to designing of the shoes. He browsed through other shoe factories in Italy and started designing his shoes.

Business was at the all time high and he felt that the company needed a new name. Where better to look to than the source of all his inspiration – Florence, his hometown. In Florence there was an old fort of the Medici family and it was called Fort Belvedere. Belvedere means beautiful sight. Stefano loved the view from the fort and thus decided to go with the name.

Now belvedere is a world famous footwear company which started out small. The journey was of course long with the selling through designing but Stefano never gave up. He rather says that he enjoyed the journey and looks forward for the future challenges. A true entrepreneur through and through!

Stefano has big plans for the future like growing a line in Brazil. One thing with belvedere is that there is a style for everyone. You could be a formal or casual dresser but you will find something that you want from Belvedere. There are the classic cut dress shoes made from the calfskin leather and exotic leather and there are also the sneakers. You will need to take some time and go through the mens belvedere shoes collections. You will gain an idea of what to expect and then find the shoes that would suit your need.

Mens Belvedere Siena Ostrich Leg Split Toe Dress Shoe in Burgundy

Belvedere shoes are well known for the top notch quality. It might be your usual calfskin leather shoes or exotic skin shoes Belvedere delivers only the best. One thing with the exotic skin shoes is that they are usually slightly more expensive than the calfskin leather shoes. This is because of the fact that the exotic leather is rarer to obtain. While buying the exotic skin shoes most people would ask to be cautious since there are a lot of fake styles in the market. You don’t want to spend a fortune on the fake ones, right?

Belvedere assures of the quality of its exotic skin shoes. One look at them and you will see the details and work that has gone into perfecting these exotic belvedere shoes. As for the belvedere shoes price, it is always reasonable and this is why they are popular among all groups of people. There are costly Belvedere shoes but there are also affordable belvedere shoes. Depending on your budget, you can choose the best one.

Process of making – Belvedere shoes

When it comes to mens Belvedere shoes, the effort is the most important factor that makes them stand apart. If you are going to stick with the same style all the time then there is no room for improvement. And doing things with the details in mind also makes it the best. Belvedere seems to have got the equation right and the their process of making the shoes proves it.

Most of the shoes nowadays are mass manufactured in the factories but Belvedere has stuck with the old Italian way of carefully hand designing of the shoes. This makes the best in terms of quality since there is not a mindless machine designing your shoes. It is actually a skilled person who loves what he does. This is probably one of the reasons why the belvedere shoes designs seems to impress it’s customers every time a new one comes out.

The unique Belvedere shoes are rich with the intricacies since each stage of progress is done manually with specific artisans. Another thing that you will note about the belvedere shoes for men is the comfort with which you can wear them. You could be wearing the belvedere shoes for a whole day but you won’t feel the need to get out of it fast. This is because of the fine skinned leather that is carefully selected for the making of the belvedere skin shoes. The material is then tanned and finished so that any flaw present is identified and avoided.

Mens Belvedere Damian Alligator Hiking Boot in Peanut

Usually the belvedere shoes are made from lambskin leather or crocodile skin. If you are choosing the exotic Belvedere skin shoes then you will be finding a quality piece with a crocodile on the outside and lambskin leather on the inside. This along with the fine finish and soft sole helps the wearer to be comfortable in the shoes while feeling stylish. The soles of the belvedere shoes are tanned to create an extra layer of protection and durability. This is for the safety of the wearer since the tanning of the soles gives an improved traction for the shoes and avoids slipping.

One great thing with the quality skin shoes Belvedere is that you have the option of getting it resoled which will easily enhance the appearance of your used Belvedere shoes. You just have the maintain the shoes in good condition and get it resoled when needed.

Making of the classic Belvedere skin shoes is not an easy job. There is a lot of work and passion that goes into the making. This is an in depth process and the attention to detail is deep. Right from the material used for the making of the shoes down to the smallest detail like the finishing touches there is no compromise and everything is done with utmost care.

As for the Belvedere shoes price, some people might consider it to be too much but we would request them to take a simple look at the rich style belvedere shoes and then compare it with the cheap ones. You will immediately note the difference and it is enough justification for the price range of the Belvedere shoes. If you love the belvedere shoes but a little short on the money then you can try choosing the Belvedere wholesale since the price might get reduced a little when you go with the wholesale seller. You can also go through the mens Belvedere shoes online and find the sellers who offer the good quality shoes at a discount. But beware of the fake ones and usually these sellers offer exotic belvedere shoes cheap in unbelievably reduced prices. Take some time to compare the styles between different sellers and then make your choice. All you have to do is to search the web using search options like mens Belvedere shoes near me or belvedere shoes for sale near me. If you want us to make things easier for you, check out the belvedere skin shoe designs in our site. We stock only the authentic belvedere shoes and you could find the best ones that suit your taste.

Styling ideas

If you have already found the belvedere shoes that has impressed you then the next step is the styling. You will have to style these popular belvedere shoes with an equally impressive outfit. Since we have helped you out with picking out the best style for the shoes, we would also like to help a little with the styling. Here are some of the best outfits that incorporate belvedere shoes. You can take inspiration from these outfits or you can just make them your own.

If you are looking to perfect your office attire then you will need to find Belvedere mens shoes that goes with the professional image of your outfit. If you are thinking of choosing the formal look then oxford shoes might be your pick. But instead of sticking with it all the time, you can also choose the wingtip belvedere shoes for men or monk strap belvedere shoes. Here are some outfits which you could choose for your formal attire.

For a simple yet smart style that will perfectly align with the professional image you are trying to project, you could style the navy suit with a light blue dress shirt and burgundy check tie. Now you will only need a pair of black stylish belvedere shoes for men to create an outfit that is full of character. For a smart casual style, you could style the navy double breasted blazer with a white and navy striped dress shirt and a pair of khaki dress pants. To complete this look nicely by flaunting belvedere skin shoes with it.

Mens Belvedere Stefano Alligator Dress Boot in Brown

These are for the people who work in theconservative industries. But if you are working in an environment which allows a relaxed dress code then you can choose to go with the casual belvedere skin shoes. For example, you could style the pink striped dress shirt with a navy blazer and a light grey striped chinos. A pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers would easily complete the look. Usually the people go with the dark colored shoes like the black belvedere shoes and dark brown belvedere shoes. This is because of the fact that these are the most versatile styles. But when there is no strict dress codes then you could go with the bolder colors of the belvedere shoes. The belvedere skin shoes come in both styles thus making it a good choice for both subtle and bold dressers. Go through the various styles and then make your choice.

If you are selecting the belvedere shoes for events then you should think about the event properly and then make the choice. For example, if there is a formal event like black tie ones then you could choose to go with black rich style belvedere shoes.But if it is a simple gathering with your friends or a weekend party then you could go with the casual Belvedere sneakers.It would always help to have different styles of quality belvedere shoes in your shoes collection.

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