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Steve Harvey Suits

Mens Steve Harvey 2 Button Notch Lapel Vested Suit in Pearl Grey

Usually when you watch the advertisements for the suits or the fashion runway shows, most of these tend to feature the unrealistically skinny models. But it is impossible for almost 90% of the population to have that kind of a body. Thus fashion is starting to be more inclusive by bringing in the plus size models along with making the big and tall styles available in the market. But most people think that the big and tall people should go with subtle styles that will make them blend in. But if you have followed Steve Harvey, then you might know that the previous statement isn’t necessarily true. The reality show star has chose a fashion path that most people shy from. If you are a big and tall person who loves the flashy styles then you should definitely take some style lessons from Steve Harvey. In this article we will discuss about the Steve Harvey suits and how you can find a style of your own.

If you don’t know Steve Harvey, you still might know the bald man from Celebrity family feud who has a contagious and beautiful smile. Steve Harvey has been a household name for the reality shows and there are very few people who might not have seen him in action. Steve Harvey’s style was a slowly evolving one and it came into full force when he started his Facebook watch show called Steve on watch. The costume suits stylist EllyKaramoh curated his outfits depending on his love for the street styles. The reason for this makeover was because of the fact that the makers of this Facebook watch show did not want Harvey to dress the same as he did for the previous show. They also let his taste come in and with the help of the stylist the magic happened.

As we mentioned before, this changeover was gradual. Steve Harvey wasn’t the style God he is now and he wore his fair share of the long suits. But he attributes his move from the big suits to the well fitting ones to his wife. His wife Marjorie Harvey seems to be his biggest critic and biggest fan. She recommended Steve to choose mens suits that actually fit his size instead of always going with the ones that drown him out. Thus came the new era of the Steve Harvey dress suits. Usually Steve goes with the 2 piece suits but when you want a dressed up and formal look thengo with Steve Harvey 3 piece suits.

Recently many of the Steve Harvey casual suits have been receiving the spotlight and people are definitely impressed. His shift to the bold wardrobe can be attributed to his stylist and she manages to bring about the perfect mix of playfulness along with professionalism in the outfit that he wears.

If you have been following the stylish outfits of Steve Harvey then you might note that be gives equal importance to the outerwear as much as the suits. This is one of the iconic style points that you will have to take into account. There are various styles that you can check out from Steve Harvey suits and depending on the look you can make your choice. If you are looking for some ideas then we have compiled some of the best Steve Harvey suit outfits that you can try out.

Mens Steve Harvey Red Plaid Blazer Suit with Navy Blue Pants

Starting with our most favorite one, Steve Harvey recently visited Paris and he rocked the tonal outfit effortlessly. He was seen dressed head to toe in Bottega while he stuck a pose with his wife. The man looked great dark green dress shirt, matching green tie and a pair of navy dress pants. He added with the Steve Harvey wool suit outfit a matching green double breasted belted coat. If you are a person who loves the dark subtle colors but would also like making a statement outfit out of it then you should think about going with this Steve harvey suit outfit or similar styles.

On the other hand, if you are a person who don’t mind including some pretty colors to your wardrobe then you should go with another outfit of Steve Harvey. For this outfit, he paired the perfectly tailored lilac Steve Harvey designer suit with a pale pink dress shirt and a coordinating colored tie. He topped this outfit off with a powder blue coat. If you are loving the pastels trend but do not have much idea on how to go on about it, then know that Steve Harvey has outdone himself with the pastels. While going with the pastels make sure that you choose the perfectly fitting ones since the light colors can make the person look bigger.

Mens Steve Harvey Notch Lapel Vested Suit in Brown & Blue Plaid

If you are looking for a slimming look then you can choose to go with the Steve Harvey leisure suit look that he flaunted in Paris. In his Instagram post, he and his wide were seen kissing with the backdrop of none other than the Eiffel tower while Steve wished his wife happy Birthday in the caption. For this picture, he was seen wearing a monochrome black crew neck t-shirt which he paired with fitting black pants. What made the outfit truly stand out is the yellow coat that he wore with the all back outfit. His wife Marjorie was also seen wearing a matching monochrome black form fitting dress in the picture.

Another thing that Steve Harvey is popular for is wearing heavily patterned suits. If you are a person who likes the patterned styles but don’t have much idea about the styling then you should check out Steve Harvey suits mens. You can start with Steve harvey pinstripe suits and then when you are confident you can go with the flashy ones like Steve Harvey plaid suits or the printed suits. If you are looking for a contemporary style then we would suggest you to look through the Steve Harvey denim suit styles and similar ones.