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Mens Lizard Dress Shoes

Lizard is a great and economical choice for mens dress shoes, whether you are going with a lace up or a slip on, or even a monk strap, lizard is a fantastic choice. Much cheaper than alligator or crocodile, but with a distinct look that exudes style and elegance.

Building your shoe collection is as important as building your wardrobe when it comes to fashion. You might find it hard to believe but the shoes are one of the parts of your outfit that the viewer first notices. Thus make sure that you spend more time into picking the right type of the shoes. Usually we go with the leather shoes since they are the most popular but in recent times, the exotic skin shoes like alligator and lizard shoes are receiving a lot of attention. If you are looking for a new style that you might not find easily in other mens shoe collections then you should go with the mens lizard shoes. In this article we will focus more on the lizard leather shoes, the benefits of the same and styling it.

Mens Mauri Crocodile & Nappa Calf Sneaker in Blue

When it comes to exotic skin shoes, most consider it to be a rich style but in reality it is affordable. You just have to find the right style of these shoes. For example, the alligator skin shoes are considered to be the most expensive since the animal itself is rare. The crocodile leather shoes have a similar appearance but come with a lesser price range. Lizard shoes are one among the affordable exotic shoes for men. If you are a person who wants to try out the exotic skin shoes style for the first time but isn't too sure about it then you should try choosing the exotic lizard shoes.

The alligator and crocodile skin shoes were dominating the exotic skin accessories market for a long time but recently there are other competitors who have come into the light like the lizard shoes, ostrich shoes and stingray shoes. Each have their own kind of appeal and thus make sure to check out all the styles before you latch on one.

Why go with lizard shoes?

Mens Mezlan Pegaso Lizard Dress Shoe in Black

Usually we choose the calfskin leather for the regular use shoes since it is the most versatile and does not wear out easily. With the exotic skin shoes, the quality again is one of the important factors to consider. Here are some of the characteristics which makes the lizard leather a popular material for the making of the shoes.

The alligator and crocodile skin shoes are mostly preferred by the people who like to have a bold look. The patterns on these shoes are eye catching and thus would be a perfect choice if you are choosing to style it with the business suits. But if you are a person who is used to the subtle dressing style then you might find these alligator and crocodile skin shoes to be slightly intimidating. In that case, we would suggest you to go with the good quality lizard shoes.

Mens Belvedere Karmelo Lizard Cap Toe Dress Shoe in Tan

Lizard shoes for men come with regular and simpler patterns which makes them subtly stylish when compared with the alligator and crocodile skin shoes. The distinct and attention demanding nature of the Alligator or crocodile shoes isn't the case with the lizard shoes. Also there are different types of lizards and thus you can choose among the size of the scales. The subtle dressers can choose the lizard shoes designs with smaller scales while the ones ready for some flashy style can go with the unique lizard shoes with the bigger scales.

Because of this option, the exotic lizard skin shoes are considered to be much more accessible when compared to the Alligator or crocodile skin shoes. Also you could style the lizard skin shoes for regular use which might not be the case with the previous styles. If you are a person who loves the simple yet stylish look that is within the cheaper price range then we would suggest you to choose the affordable lizard shoes.

The lizard skin that is used for the making of these shoes is often obtained from the ring lizards and teju lizards. These are smaller in size when compared to the alligators and crocodiles and hence the scales are also smaller. This helps the shoemakers create an unique look for the shoes more easily. With the Alligator and crocodile skin shoes, you might notice the irregular scales and it is almost impossible to match the look of the shoes in the same pair. But this isn't the case with the lizard skin shoes for men since the small scales are easier to work with and thus providing an uniform look.

Apart from the look, another thing that we dote on often when it comes to purchasing shoes is the durability. We don't want to buying shoes every year just because the one we bought last year wore off. Lasting shoes are the ones we need. In that case, lizard shoes scores greatly. The lizard skin has become one of the favourites for the shoemakers to worm with because of its durability and flexibility.

Mens Belvedere Vasco Hornback Crocodile Sneaker in Black

The combination of the delicate look with a strong durability is something that is rare and lizard skin shoes deliver it perfectly. When you choose to wear the costly lizard shoes, you might want to walk carefully because of their delicate appearance but they are stronger than you think. Lizard shoes are the ones that are often recommended for regular use in exotic skin shoes since they don't crack or wear off easily. If you are looking for a pair of stylish exotic skin shoes that you can almost wear on a daily basis then yoh should be thinking of flaunting lizard skin shoes.

While choosing the lizard shoes there are a few things that you will have to note. There are different styles available in the market and finding the right one matters. When it comes to alligator or crocodile skin shoes, the look is almost the same. But this isn't the case with the lizard shoes since they are available in different colors and patterns. Go through the various lizard skin shoe designs and then select the one that would suit your taste. You could use the mens lizard shoes near me option to find the stores that offer the style. Usually people would prefer buying the lizard shoes online especially when it is from the well known brands that offer the style. While the lizard shoes are affordable some may consider the price to be expensive still. In that case, you could check out the lizard shoes wholesale designs and find the one. We at Alligator warehouse stock the popular lizard shoes and other exotic skin leather shoesat an affordable price range. Check out our designs and price range, compare it with the other sites and then make a wise choice.

Origin of the lizard leather

The leather that is used for the making of the shoes and other accessories mostly originates from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. These countries remain to be the top suppliers of lizard skin and leather. The leather obtained from these regions are also considered to be original and authentic. The leather is then processed and after quality control methods the leather is used for the making of the shoes and other accessories.

There are different styles of the classic lizard skin shoes since the leather is also obtained from different types of lizards. While there are a lot of types, most of the leather is obtained from three most popular ones.

  • Nile lizard: These are the ones that are found abundantly in Sudan. The scales on these lizards are small and square shaped. But these are one of the leathers that are most preferred by the shoemakers since the leather sheet size is large. The scales on the belly are larger than the ones on the back.
  • Teju lizard: This is the most common leather obtained and these lizards are known to be originated from South Africa. These lizards are small and have rectangular shaped scales. The teju lizard shoes are the best for people who like flashy styles since the color pattern on these lizards vary according to their subspecies.
  • Ring lizard: These are mostly found in Indonesia. These lizards come with small round shaped patterns on their skin and hence the name. If you are looking for a pair of unique lizard shoes then you should be thinking of going with the ring lizard shoes.

Think about the style of the shoes that you prefer and then make the choice. Usually people would prefer going with the dark colored lizard shoes like the black and dark brown ones but if you are looking for a different style then you could choose the ones that come with bright colors and patterns.

Styling of the lizard shoes

You might have got yourself the best lizard shoes out there but it isn't of any use if you don't style it properly. Styling of the lizard shoes isn't very different from styling the regular shoes. Think about the event for which you are styling the shoes and then make the right choice. It would be best if you start with the casual lizard skin shoes and then proceed on to choose the formal dress shoes. Here are some of the styling ideas for the lizard skin shoes and we hope that it might help you get started with the style.

For an easy to put together casual look, you could style the white crew neck t-shirt with a charcoal hoodie and a pair of brown corduroy jeans. To complete the look in the perfect sense, you could add with it a pair of rich style lizard shoes. For a functional piece of menswear that could help you get through the off duty day with style, you could style the grey sweatshirt with a black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of olive jeans. To up the appeal of the ensemble, you could add a pair of stylish lizard shoes for men.

For an confident and trendy look, you could style the white crew neck t-shirt with a white and black gingham long sleeve shirt and a pair of olive jeans. A pair of white and black lizard shoes along with a dark brown print baseball cap would be a great way to round off this stylish ensemble. For a functional piece of winter wear, you could style the white crew neck t-shirt with a black harrington jacket and a pair of beige chinos. Now add with it a pair of lizard shoes for celebrity and a black baseball cap for a nonchalantly stylish look.

Mens Belvedere Karmelo Lizard Cap Toe Dress Shoe in Tan Mens Belvedere Karmelo Lizard Cap Toe Dress Shoe in Grey Mens Mezlan Argentum Lizard Double Monk Strap in Cognac

If you want to upgrade to the smart casual look, you could start with styling the multi colored crew neck t-shirt with a pair of khaki chinos and then a burgundy overcoat. A pair of black socks and brown lizard shoes would provide an extra flair to the outfit. For a awesome look that you can style for any special event, you could pair the tan turtleneck with a tobacco suit and a tobacco overcoat. To complete this modern outfit, what better choice than a pair of brown lizard shoes for events. For a more subdued look, you could style the navy turtleneck with a navy double breasted blazer and a pair of grey dress pants. Throw on with it a grey herringbone overcoat and then a pair of black leather double monks to round off the look in a polished way.

For a stylish and trendy look, you could style the dark brown turtleneck with a pair of dark green striped chinos and a grey overcoat. Adding with this ensemble a pair of Charcoal socks and dark brown lizard skin shoes for men is a good way to complete the outfit. Other than these, you could also choose to go with the lizard skin loafers. The loafers have become one of the most preferred styles which could be worn with almost all outfits. You could easily style the lizard shoes with the formal or the casual outfits but make sure that you pay attention to the choice of colors and patterns of the shoes.