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Mens Ostrich Dress Shoes

Ostrich is the perfect bird to use to make a pair of dress shoes from. Whether you are looking at an ostrich lace up, or an ostrich slip on, in either ostrich quill or ostrich leg, you can't go wrong. We have many different colors and styles to choose from.

If you are familiar with the exotic skin goods then you might already know that the ostrich leather is one of the most sought after material for making of these products. Of course the most popular ones are still alligator and crocodile skins but ostrich leather is gaining ground fast in recent times. If you like to try out new styles instead of simply picking the top popular ones then ostrich shoes should be your choice. When you actually take a look at the styles available, you will know that you have no reason to stick with the same style all the time. In this article we will discuss in detail about the ostrich shoes for men and how you can buy them.

Ostrich skin shoes are easily one of the favorites for the men who like the exotic skin shoe styles. The defining characteristics of the ostrich leather are the bumps but the aesthetic offered by the ostrich skin is not the only reason for it to be preferred by all. Here are some of the characteristics which makes the ostrich leather a perfect choice for the making of the shoes.

Mens Mezlan Rollini Ostrich Quill Dress Shoe Loafer in Brown

Ostrich leather is considered to be one of the strongest and tough leather available. But the leather is also supple which makes it a favorite for the shoemakers to work on it. If you are looking for a good looking pair of shoes that will also last for a long time then ostrich skin shoes are the best choice. Also the ostrich leather has natural oils which helps the shoes avoid cracking. This makes the ostrich leather a much preferred choice for the making of the luxury items like the handbags, exotic skin shoes and more.

History of ostrich leather

The use of ostrich leather for the making of the shoes and other items started way back in the mid 17th century. That was the time when the ostriches were reared in great numbers in South Africa. The ostriches at that time was farmed for their feathers and meat making the skin a by-product with no particular use. Soon the people found a way to utilize it by using it for the making of these luxury items.

The most unique characteristic of ostrichleather is the presence of the raised points which creates bumps and these are usually present in the middle of the skin. This area where the bumps are present is known as crown and this is the area where the ostrich’s neck meets with the body. The bumps are mostly present only in this area and this area contributes to only one third of the entire skin. Ostrich skin is relatively rare to obtain and thus the ostrich skin shoes are often slightly more expensive than the calfskin dress shoes. If you are not a fan of using animal skin for the making of these luxury products then you can choose to go with the imitated styles of the ostrich shoes. These ostrich print leather shoes have a similar look to the real ones and come with a bumpy texture. This is done by embossing those indentations in the leather using heavy rolling plates while they are in the tanning process.

Mens Belvedere Bene Ostrich Casual Sneaker in Black

While choosing the ostrich skin shoes, you will want to always choose the best quality ostrich shoes since you pay an ample amount for it. But there are a lot of fake styles in the market and some vendors try to pass it as the original ones. In that case, you should know to identify the difference between the real ostrich shoes and the printed ones. As we have mentioned before, the ostrich print shoes also have a similar bumpy texture like on the real ostrich leather shoes. But if you look close, you will note that the print shoes have the bumps placed uniformly in a pattern while in the real ostrich shoes the bumps are randomly placed.

If you are not very confident in your detective skills then it would be a better option to get the ostrich skin shoes from trusted brands. There are a lot of brands that offer premium ostrich skin shoes.You just have to look thoroughly to find the designer ostrich dress shoes that would suit your need. There are different styles of the ostrich skin shoes and they are also available at different price range. For example, you can get a pair of luxurious mens ostrich shoes if you are getting it for a special occasion but you could also choose the low cost ostrich shoeswhen you are short on cash. The difference might be in the details like the leather used in the inside of the shoes or the soles. We would always suggest you to choose the top quality ones since these are the ones that are durable. You can get the shoes from the stores but you can also purchase it online. The advantage with purchasing it online is that you can try seeing through more ostrich dress shoes variety when compared to offline shopping. You will also save a lot of time with online shopping.

As for the ostrich skin shoes pricethey are expensive than the cow leather, sheep leather, goat leather and other regular leathers. One reason for this elevated price is the rarity of the ostriches when compared to these animals like cow, goat and more. But there is also the quality to consider. The ostrich skin should be handled carefully since a slight damage can reduce the price dramatically. Thus when you are checking through the ostrich skin shoes collections, it would be best for you to choose the costly shoes for men within the reasonable price range. While you choose the mens ostrich shoes cheap there is a chance of being it a fake one. Take some time to do ample research and then choose the ones that will suit your taste and also your budget.

Styling of the ostrich skin shoes

Now there is no doubt in the fact that the ostrich shoes are luxury items but they are also highly fashionable items. Thus the proper styling of these shoes is important. You might have the best ostrich dress shoes out there but if you don’t know to style it right then it is going to be a waste. Thus make sure to learn some styling for the ostrich shoes. You can start with the casual outfits since they are the easiest to pull off and then move on with the formal ones. Here are some of the outfit ideas which might help you include the exotic ostrich dress shoes into your outfits.

As per our suggestion, we will start with the ideas of casual outfits styled with ostrich shoes and then proceed to the formal ones. Our off duty outfits are usually relaxed and have a simple vibe to it. You can easily increase the style factor of these outfits by adding with it a pair of durable ostrich shoes for men. As for the color of the shoes, it would be best for you to stick with black or dark brown shoes for the first time since these are the most versatile of the lot. Once you are quite used to the style then you can move on with the bold coloredostrich shoes.

Mens Belvedere Isola Ostrich Quill Dress Shoe in Brown

For a style that is easily put together, you can style the charcoal print crew neck t-shirt with a pair of brown chinos. To keep the outfit cool and trendy, add with it a pair of black ostrich shoes for men, black sunglasses and a charcoal grey baseball cap. If you want to stay on the simpler side of the casual outfit then you could style the beige print long sleeve t-shirt with a burgundy varsity jacket and a pair of brown jeans. Now a pair of olive mens ostrich shoes would be a cool way to complete this look and of course a white print baseball cap.

For a classier style of the outfit, you can style the violet long sleeve shirt with a black zip sweater and a pair of grey chinos. To elevate this laid back look with a single item, add with it a pair of black mens ostrich dress shoes. With the spring closing in on us fast, here are some of the spring and summer casual outfits for you to try out.

Styling a olive long sleeve shirt with a pair of Charcoal check chinos is a great way to include dapperness to your outfit. To complete the look, you can include a pair of dark brown stylish mens ostrich shoes.If you are a fan of patterns then you could style the white print long sleeve shirt with a pair of dark brown chinos. A pair of dark brown ostrich loafers would be a cool way to complete the look. If you are ready to include some colors to your outfit then this outfit would be perfect for you. Styling the yellow and black striped crew neck t-shirt with a pair of teal chinos is a bold yet trendy look. You can round off this look with a pair of dark brown mens ostrich shoes.

If you think that you have gained ample experience with the ostrich skin shoes and are quite comfortable with wearing it then you can move to the smart casual outfits. Think about the event for which you are getting ready and then choose the outfit accordingly. For example, if if is a slightly formal event and you want to look appropriately dressed for it then you could style the burgundy blazer with a black dress shirt and a pair of grey dress pants. To inject a dash of sophistication into your outfit, you can include with it a pair of grey socks and black exotic ostrich dress shoes.

On the other hand, if the event is not very formal but you still want to look smart then you could style the mustard crew neck sweater with a black quilted bomber jacket and a pair of grey plaid chinos. To add elegance to this ensemble, you can include a pair of black print socks and black ostrich leather dress shoes.If you are a fan of dark clothing style then you could style the burgundy long sleeve shirt with a navy check scarfand a pair of navy chinos. Throw on a black overcoat and a pair of brown mens ostrich shoes to make this ensemble envy worthy. For a trendy and smart look, you could style the multi colored crew neck t-shirt with a pair of khaki chinos. Now add with this a burgundy overcoat and ostrich leather loafers to make the look complete.

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If you now want to style the ostrich shoes mens with the formal ensemble, it isn’t too hard since you are used to the style already. For a simple yet classy look, style the navy suit with a white dress shirt and burgundy check tie. A pair of navy socks and black expensive ostrich shoes will definitely turn some eyes. For a easy daily ensemble, you could style the navy suit with a light blue dress shirt, burgundy tie and a red plaid scarf. Now all you need is a pair of dark brown ostrich shoes to complete the look of this outfit.

Now you may have got yourself a costly pair of ostrich shoes. Though ostrich leather is one of the strongest leathers available, it would not last long if not maintained right. Thus make sure that you maintain them properly for it to remain good. For a durable ostrich shoes for men, make sure to remove all the dust and dirt from it using a clean cloth. Then you can use a lanolin leather conditioner to clean to thoroughly and then apply a thin layer of crème on it. You can use paste polish and buff them for it to remain lustrous.