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Mens Mezlan Exotic Skin Shoes

Are you a person who loves shopping for shoes? Or the one who just likes to wear good shoes? You might already have a collection of shoes which is a necessity but when it comes to special occasions you might find these shoes to be not up to the mark. Shoes are one of the three elements a person would note about you on the first glance. To create a good impression it is important for you to get good shoes. Mezlan shoesprovide you with just that since they have been a constant in the quality shoes business. You might already heard about the brand especially if you are a footwear enthusiast but we are here to talk in detail why you should consider purchasing the mezlan shoes and how it can benefit you.

Mens Mezlan Santander Classic Tassel Loafer Dress Shoe in Tan

Before we can dive into the topic of the mezlan mens shoes it is better to know about the history behind the successful brand. Mezlan indeed has an interesting story behind it and the man behind it is Antonio Sanchez. He is the owner and lead designer of the brand and he grew up in a farming family from Spain. He started his business journey by deciding to leave his farm and join his relative’s shoe factory, Mezlan. He learnt everything that he needed there for over 9 years and then went to the United States in the year 1985. He then toured the whole country for over 260 days a year while he introduced the mezlan brand to the premier department stores of that time which included stores like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom and also the independently owned stores. He also met and married an American girl named Catherine at that time.

His touring paid off and he said as building the brand’s base in America. He also gained clients throughout Europe and he started managing it all. He started contributing to the design and also including new footwear technologies to the brand. Mezlan is one of the brand that is known for the continuous evolution and this is the one that keeps them top at their business. It is said that about 100 hands work on a pair of Mezlan shoes before they reach the customer. Such is the dedication and the work put into the product and believe us when we say that it shows. Creativity along with honed skill and passion are the legacy of Mezlan shoes and you will have to experience it for yourself to know.

Mens Mezlan Sexto Patent Leather & Woven Calfskin Formal Tuxedo Shoe in Black

There are different styles in the mezlan shoes and you should go through the options to find the one that will suit you. The first thing that you will have to note about mezlan mens dress shoes or any dress shoes for that matter is the material from which the shoes are made. Usually when it comes to dress shoes we will choose to go with the mens leather dress shoes. This is because of the fact that they provide you with a handsome look and are also durable. With minimal maintenance you will be able to work it for a long time.

But leather isn’t your sole choice and you just have to get out of that bubble to know the various options available. For example people who want to try a more casual look can go with suede shoes. These are softer and would need more maintenance than the leather shoes. But if you are a fashionista and you want your footwear to match your mindset then you can choose to go with the mezlan velvet tuxedo loafers. The soft and rich fabric will be sure to provide your outfit with a sophisticated vibe.

While these are some of the usual choices that you make and see people make there is a set of special option available which only a handful of people would choose. If you are intrigued then mezlan exotic skin shoes are for you. You might have heard the concept of exotic dress skin shoes but it is rare to spot people wearing it. This is because of the fact that these exotic skin shoes are considered to be a rare style and also are expensive when compared to the usual leather shoes.

Exotic skin shoes are made from the leather of exotic animals like alligator, crocodile, lizard and even snakes. The appeal of the shoes is that they have an unique pattern which would distinguish them on the first glance. If you are attending a special occasion where you want to look dressed up then it is the perfect event to wear the exotic skin shoes. The unique style is also viewed as a symbol of power and status by most people. Thus it would be a perfect choice to add these special shoes to your footwear collection.

Mezlan is a brand that is well known for the quality of the exotic skin shoes they produce. They have customers all over the world who love their design and also choose their shoes since they believe in the quality that mezlan promises them. If you are intrigued by the prospect of exotic skin shoes then we would suggest you go start with the mensmezlan crocodile shoes or mezlanalligator dress shoes since they are the most popular. The mezlan alligator shoes are slightly pricier than the other exotic shoes since alligators are rare and are to be breaded only in fixed number.

Mens Mezlan Calfskin Wingtip in Cognac Mens Mezlan Forest Calfskin Wingtip Monk Strap Dress Shoe in Cognac

There are even varieties in the alligator shoes like mezlan Moscow alligator shoes and such. While you are going through the mezlan shoes sale make sure they are authentic ones. Other than the dress shoes you can also get loafers from mezlan. For example mezlan classic tassel loafers are popular and you can also get mezlan two tone shoes. The choice depends on your taste but make sure that you are choosing the quality ones. The print on both the shoes should match to the utmost degree with little differences since in the fake ones the print is exact copy of each other since they are machine printed.

If you like to have a great collection of shoes then you might have come across the name mezlan. Mezlan remains to be a well known brand when it comes to footwear. Mezlan shoes are the best in the quality and the awesome look just adds to the high quality. If you want to know more about the mezlan shoes then this is the best article for you.

Antonio Sanchez is the owner of the mezlan brand but he always hadn’t been associated with the shoes. The man grew up in the farming family in Almansa, Spain. The fertile landwas full of red wine grapes, vegetable crops and grains but he realised that his calling was somewhere else. This took him to the relative’s shoe factory, mezlan. He worked there for about nine years and he developed all the basic skills of shoemaking there.

He realized that mezlan was ready to reach a new market and thus he started off to North America. He arrived in America in 1985 and he adopted a touring schedule in which he intended to cover premium department stores like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and more. This tour went on for about 260 days and he visited accounts and he introduced the mezlan brand to all these stores. He also covered the finest independently owned clothing and shoe boutiques.

Mens Mezlan Montes Calfskin Two Tone Dress Shoe in Navy & Cognac

His efforts paid off and soon most of these stores had the mezlan shoes in their display. For a long time, Antonio remained to be the only American Salesforce for mezlan. He also went on to meet with an American girl called Catherine and they went on to fall in love and then become partners. Antonio has made his U.S. operations for over the next 36 years.

He travelled back and forth between the mezlan factory in Spain and all through Europe and America. The mezlan shoes U.S headquarters was situated in California and he continued to exchange ideas and new designs over this period. The mens mezlan shoeshas gained great attention among the people and it continued to get better.

Today mezlan is one of the brand that has kept up with the changes in fashion and people’s taste. Antonio remains to be a master shoemaker even today. The mezlan shoes are known for their stylish design and the best quality. If you have been looking for a pair of shoes that will give you a great look but also of the best quality then mezlan is the best option for you.

Styles of mezlan shoes

There are different styles of the shoes that mezlan offers and we would request you to check out the mezlan shoes collections before you make your choice. There is a pair of shoes for every occasion in mezlan and you just have to find it. You can have the designer mezlan skin shoes for the special use and there is also shoes for regular use. The mezlan shoes designs give you the best look and you can have the best style to be paired with almost all outfits. Here are different styles of the mezlan shoes that are in the featured collections.

There is a Web exclusive in mezlan brand that offers special limited series that is featured on the site. You should check out these exclusive mezlan shoes designs and then make your choice. These are designs that mezlan testout and if the reaction is favorable then they will continue with the collection.

Formal calfskin mezlan shoes

If you are looking for shoes that could work with your business clothing then you could choose to go with the formal styles of the formal branded mezlan shoes. Usually people choose to go with the calfskin leather shoes since these are the most sought after style.

Calfskin shoes are the best for regular use since they are durable and have an affordable price range. There are different styles in these formal mezlan shoes and Oxford shoes are the ones that are best to be paired with the suits and blazers. Black and dark brown shoes are the ones that are most recommended.

Exotic skin shoes

If you are a fan of the luxury styles then exotic skin shoes must be on your list. Mezlan is well known for the best quality of the exotic skin shoes. The quality of the exotic skin shoes is most important thing to note since there are a lot of fake ones in the market. The price range of the exotic skin shoes are much higher than the usual calfskin leather shoes. Thus when you choose to go with the exotic skin shoes then we would choose to go with the premium mezlan exotic shoes. With mezlan the quality is assured and you don’t have to be wondering about the authenticity of the shoes.

Mens Tivoli Calfskin Sneaker in Cognac

There are various options in the exotic skin shoes and the best among them is the alligator skin shoes mezlan. Alligator is the most sought after choice and also the most expensive. If you are new to the exotic skin shoes style and want an option that could be subtle but also Sophisticated then go with alligator mezlan skin shoe fashions. The alligator skin shoes provide a rich look that goes well with the formal garments. If you have been looking for mezlan shoes for special occasions then alligator might be your best shot.

If you consider the price range to be too high then you could choose the crocodile skin shoes instead. They are similar to the alligator shoes but would be available at a lower price. Other than these there are options like ostrich skin shoes, snakeskin shoes and more. Each of these exotic skin shoes have their own characteristic that makes them special. For example, snakeskin shoes come with mesmerizing patterns and these unique mezlan shoes are preferred by people who like trendy looks. As for ostrich skin shoes they are one of the most durable options. Keep these factors in mind and find the best quality mezlan skin shoes that suit you.

Styling of the shoes

The abundance of styles available is definitely a blessing but it can also be a curse for some people. You might just get lost and end up being confused about your choice. In that case, it would always help to think about the outfit with which you intend to wear these shoes. This would help you create an outline of what type of style you prefer to choose for yourself. We would like to help you through and here is a guide on the important styles of shoes that you should have and the best ways in which you could style them.

Formal Oxford shoes

It is almost impossible for a man to not have oxfords in their shoes collection. Oxfords are those evergreen style that could never go out of style. The versatility of the style is one of the most important reason for its popularity. You could style these Oxford mezlan shoes for outfits of any type. They will pair well with the suits and also with the smart casual styles. While you choose these Oxford shoes make sure that you go with the best quality ones. This is because of the fact that these are the ones that will be used often. Here are some of the examples of styling the mens Oxford shoes.

Mens Mezlan Postdam Calfskin Oxford Dress Shoe in Navy

For a simple yet smart suit look, you could style the navy suit with a light blue dress shirt, burgundy check tie and a white pocket square. To complete the look perfectly, you could add a pair of navy socks and dark brown leather Oxford shoes. This is an easy outfit that almost anyone could pull off. If you are thinking of choosing the smart casual way then we would suggest you to style the grey plaid suit with a white striped dress shirt, grey embroidered crew neck sweater and then a dark brown leather belt. Now to finish off the look in the perfect sense, you could add a pair of dark brown shiny mezlan shoes for men with this outfit.

Most people would always choose the safe styles of the suits like navy and grey suits. But if you are ready to add some color to your outfit then here is an outfit suggestion for you. You can style the burgundy blazer with a black turtleneck and then a pair of grey dress pants. To inject a dash of sophistication, we would suggest you to add with this outfit a pair of grey socks and black mezlan alligator shoes.For a stylish casual look, pair a multicolored crew neck t-shirt with a pair of khaki chinos and top this look with a burgundy overcoat. Adding an extra flair to this ensemble would be as easy as adding a pair of black socks and brown suede loafers.

Monk strap shoes

If you like the formal look of the dress shoes but also would like a dash of trendiness then monk strap shoes are the best choice. A person who simply dislikes the lace system of the shoes would love to choose these shoes. Though monk strap shoes are considered to be less formal than the Oxford shoes they still can be paired with the suits and the blazers. You could easily be styling them with your business outfits. Finding the right style of the shoes matter and we would suggest you to check out the mezlan shoes on sale to gain an idea of the different styles available. With monk strap shoes there are calfskin leather shoes available and also the exotic skin shoes. There are even monk strap mezlan loafers available and the choice depends mostly on your taste. Here are our recommendations for styling the monk strap shoes.

Mens Mezlan Argentum Lizard Double Monk Strap in Cognac

For a standard formal look, you could style the navy suit with a white dress shirt, black tie and a white dress shirt. Now a pair of black exotic mezlan shoes would be a perfect round off for this outfit. If you are ready to take the more stylish route then styling the white and black houndstooth blazer with a tan turtleneck and a pair of grey plaid wool chinos would be a cool look. Throw on a brown overcoat and then match it with a pair of dark brown exotic skin shoes mezlan to add a level of sophistication to the outfit. For a subtle but cool style you could style the dark brown turtleneck with a grey overcoat and a pair of dark green striped chinos. To create a polished look for the ensemble, you could add a pair of dark brown rare style mezlan shoes.


The vote for the most popular style of the shoes is now for loafers. Loafers have become the favorite among men of all age groups. What started out as a casual style has now become the most sought after style which can even be worn with the suits. If you are a person who loves the stylish and trendy looks then you definitely should have mezlan loafers in your collection.

Selecting the mezlan shoes is an easy process. You just have to visit our site and check out the best styles. You could use filter options according to your need. For example, you could choose mezlan shoes at lowest price but also the costly mezlan shoes. You might also have heard about the mezlan shoes wholesaleidea in recent timeswhich also has made the shoes more accessible and affordable.

Some people would want to but the mezlan skin shoes in storesbut make sure to check the authenticity. The better option would be to choose getting mezlan shoes online since you have the option of checking out more styles. You could also check out various sites, compare the styles and prices to choose the best one – all at the time of your choice. There might also be there an option of getting mezlan shoes on discounts when shopping online.

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