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Mens Exotic Skin Dress Shoes

We men are simple beings. Give us a standard pair of black shoes or dark brown shoes and we will be satisfied for atleast a year. This has been the case till now with most men but we have had our awakening and now we want to include some real fashion. While the black and dark brown shoes are our best pals even today there are some events that require something more special. This is where the exotic skin dress shoes come in. There are a lot of advantages in going with the mens exotic skin dress shoes.There are a lot of styles available in the exotic dress shoes and depending on your need you will have to make your pick. We will talk more about the exotic skin dress shoes here so that you will be convinced to try out the look at least once for yourself.

Mens Belvedere Vasco Hornback Crocodile Sneaker in Red

Exotic skin shoes are made from the leather of the exotic animals like alligator, lizard, crocodile and such. They differ from the usual calfskin leather shoes in the aspect that they come with a pattern that is because of the natural skin of these animals. Other than the aesthetic there are also other benefits involved with the exotic skin dress shoes also. Some of these leather dress shoes tend to be much more durable than the calfskin leather shoes. But on the whole the central point here is that the exotic skin dress shoes mensgive out an unique look that will make it stand out from the other styles. If you are thinking of wearing the exotic skin shoes then we would recommend you to style them for the special occasions.

As we have mentioned before there are various styles in the exotic skin dress shoes. Each have their own characteristics and benefits. Thus it is better to know about them in detail before you enter the shopping spree. We have compiled some of the best exotic skin leather used for these shoes and their benefits. Hope you will get what you have been looking for from this list. To learn the difference we will start from the most used leather for the shoes that is the calfskin leather.

1. Calfskin leather

There is a reason why the calfskin leather shoes get all the attention that they have been getting. If you go with the high quality calfskin dress shoes you will be purchasing a versatile pair of shoes that are also durable in their making. Calfskin leather is usually obtained from calf hides. People tend to confuse calfskin with lambskin because of the similar appearance.Lambskin is much more soft and buttery than the calfskin which is rougher and thicker.

Mens Ferrini French Calfskin Wingtip Dress Shoe in Camel

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that you can use regularly maybe even every single day then calfskin leather shoes must be your choice. On the other hand if you want a soft and comfortable pair of shoes that you can use occasionally then lambskin shoes are the best. Whichever the choice you make it is important that you choose the good quality ones. Even if the cost is a little high when you choose the quality ones they can last you for years sometimes even decades.

2. Alligator dress shoes

Even a person who doesn’t have much knowledge about the exotic dress shoes mens would definitely have heard about the alligator dress shoes at least once. They are the most popular style of the exotic skin shoes and also the most expensive. This is because of the lesser availability of the alligators and the complicated manufacturing process of the exotic shoes.

Mens Ferrini Alligator Cap Toe Dress Shoe in Tan

If you are a person who loves including a flashy style to your outfit then alligator dress shoes are your choice. The pattern on these alligator shoes makes the shoes worth investing in. Usually alligator belly skin shoes are the ones that are most sought after.

Apart from the look the alligator point toe shoes also provide the wearer with great flexibility and softness. They aren’t tough like the calfksin shoes and thus might need more maintenance but the look offered by it makes it all worth the risk.

The elevated price of the alligator shoes have made it a hot style in the market and consequently there are a lot of fake styles in the market. If you are looking for a real one then we would suggest you go with the brand ones like men’s ferrini alligator shoes or Moscow alligator dress shoes. This way the quality is ensured for the price that you pay for it.

3. Crocodile leather

Crocodile leather isn’t much different from the alligator leather but there are ample differences when you start to look. If you love the look of the alligator dress shoes but couldn’t afford them or simply do not want to spend that much on a single piece then mens crocodile dress shoes are the best alternative you will find. They are more affordable and also second popular than the alligator shoes.

4. Ostrich leather

This is one of the leathers exotic leather that has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times. The ostrich leather is usually got from the crown of the animal or from the part that connects the neck of the animal to its body.

Mens Belvedere Paulo Sneaker in Calf & Ostrich Leg Patchwork in Navy

If you are looking for a luxurious style that is also sturdy then you should definitely think of choosing mens ostrich quill shoes. In fact ostrich leather is one of the most durable leathers available out there. Make sure to find the right style of the ostrich dress shoes by going through the available styles in the market. You can also choose the casual styles like the mezlan Lisbon ostrich loafers and men ostrich sneakers. Other than these you can also go with the mens Belvedere sneakers since these are some of the brands that have created a name for themselves all over the world impressing the people with their innovative designs and quality.

Among the ever changing trends in menswear, mens exotic skin dress shoesseems to be one of the constants. Anyone who likes to have a cool collection of footwear would definitely think of adding exotic mens dress shoes to their collection. The exotic skin shoes are the perfect mix of formal and casual wear making it a versatile choice. You might already have enough dress shoes in your collection but when you feel the need for something more special then you should think of choosing the exotic skin dress shoes. In this article, we would like to discuss more about the mens exotic skin dress shoes and how you can make the look work.

If you are new to the exotic skin shoes style then you might be wondering what the hype is all about. Exotic skin shoes are made from the leather and skin obtained from the exotic animals like lizards, alligators, crocodiles and more. They have an unique look which could make your whole outfit look elevated in an instant. Other than this there are also other reasons why you should consider choosing the mens exotic skin dress shoes. Here are some:

  • The look: You can take one look at these shoes and you can understand what we are talking about. When you take a look at a crowd of men dressed for an event, you would mostly see calfskin leather shoes since those are the most common. Thus with the exotic skin dress shoes for men, you can easily steal the show. Popular but rare is the mantra of fashionable goods and exotic skin shoes are the same. They are relatively new in the market and thus are considered to be more fashionable and cool.

  • Durability: The exotic skin shoes come with good quality and thus have a longer life. The leathers used for the making of these exotic skin shoes are usually strong and thus with good maintenance these shoes can last for a long time. When you choose the shoes with good durability, you need not be shopping for more styles in the future thus saving you a lot of money. Usually people tend to avoid buying the mens skin dress shoes reasoning that the price is high. But in reality with the high durability of these shoes, you are only saving money in the long time.

  • Various styles available: Usually we tend to go with the black or dark brown calfskin shoes and call it a day. But when it comes to exotic skin shoes there are various styles available and you can choose the style depending on your need. This abundance in the options helps more buyers to come in since the taste varies for everyone. If you are a person who is a subtle dresser or a flashy dresser, you will find a style that suits you when you look careful enough. Other than the styles of the shoes, these shoes are also available in different colors and patterns. Depending on the reason for which you are buying the shoes, you can make the choice.

  • Versatility: The exotic skin shoes as mentioned before offer a stylish look which makes it possible to be paired with almost all styles of outfits. When you find the right style, you can wear them with the suits but also with the smart casual garments.

    This versatility of the exotic shoes for men also indirectly helps save the money you spend on the shoes. Once you have a pair of shoes that looks great with most of our outfits, you wouldn’t be so tempted to go with the other styles of the shoes.

  • Trendy look: With the regular mens dress shoes, there is a classic look offered that pairs well with the formal outfits. They blend in well with the suit and blazer outfits but when it comes to mens exotic shoe stylesthere is a modern and trendy look.

    You can easily style them with the casual garments or the formal ones. When styled with the casual outfits, it makes the outfit look more trendy. When paired with the formal outfits, it would be give you a hybrid style of both formal and casual look. If you are a person who is trying to flow with the trend then you should be choosing these stylish skin dress shoes. Look through the various collections of the mens shoes and then choose the hot style skin dress shoes.

  • Comfort: When you want us to define modern fashion then it would simply be two words – style and comfort. In the past, it was always a choice. When you choose the fashionable styles, the comfort was compromised. If you want to prioritize comfort then style was something to be accepted in the minimal degree.

    But the modern fashion has grown enough to accommodate both the requirements at the same time. If there is a formal look required which you wear to the office then it would be best to choose a style that is impressive but also comfortable to wear through the day.

The outer style of the mens exotic shoes is achieved with the help of these patterns on the exotic skins but when it comes to the insides they are usually made from soft and supple leather. All the materials used are of high quality and thus they are durable too.

Mens Mauri Ticino Calfskin & Crocodile Sneaker in Grey & Cognac Mens Belvedere Bene Ostrich Casual Sneaker in White Mens Mezlan Pegaso Lizard Dress Shoe in Black

We think that you might have been convinced by now to go with the popular skin dress shoes. But while checking out the exotic skin shoes, you should make sure to check the quality of those shoes. As we mentioned before, the exotic skin shoes are rarer and more expensive than the regular calfskin leather shoes which makes them prone to fraud. There are a lot of duplicate and fake mens skin shoes in the market. You should be ready to go through the styles and then find the right ones that could match your style. You are going to spend money on the expensive skin shoes and thus you should be assured of the quality.

Usually when checking for the authenticity of mens exotic shoe styles, it is recommended to feel the leather and then make the choice. For an experienced person, there will be an obvious difference between the authentic and fake exotic skin shoes. Also the fake exotic skin shoes are made using machines and thus the pattern looks quite different. In the authentic mens exotic shoes, the patterns are random and you might even find a slight difference between the patterns on the pair of shoes. But with the fake skin shoes the patterns would perfectly match with each other. Take some time to determine the authenticity and quality of the shoes before you make the purchase.

Mens Belvedere Gabriele Caiman Crocodile Dress Shoe in Black

Some people would prefer getting the exotic skin shoes in stores then you could check out the quality easily. But with the limited time that you take for shopping you wouldn’t be able to check through a lot of styles. If you want to know your options then our recommendation would be choose to the mens exotic skin dress shoes online. There are different brands that offer the best exotic skin shoes styles. When you find the right brand, you could get the high quality skin shoes for men at affordable prices. Also you could check through various styles in a limited time of your convenience. Designer skin dress shoes are the best choice for men who find it hard to know the difference between the authentic and fake style of these exotic shoes.

Types of exotic skin shoes

There are various styles of the mens skin dress shoes and depending on your taste, you should make the pick. Think about the style that you are most comfortable with and the type of dresser you are and then make the choice. Here are some of the most popular exotic shoes for menthat you should check out.

  • Alligator skin

    Alligator skin shoes are the ones that are considered to be the most popular among all the exotic skin shoes. They are highly sought after and thus are the most expensive. If you are looking for a luxury pair of shoes then you should be choosing alligator skin shoes.

    When it comes to alligator skin, both the back and belly skin of the animal is used for the making of the shoes. You can make the choice depending on the type of look that you want. If you are venturing into the exotic skin shoes for the first time then you could choose to go with the alligator belly skin shoes since it offers a sleeker look. But if you are looking for a stylish and fashionable look then you could style the costly skin dress shoes.

  • Crocodile skin

    If you love the look of the alligator skin shoes but think that the price is too high then you should be choosing to go with the crocodile skin dress shoes since it is more affordable. Crocodile flank skin is the one that is often used to the making of the crocodile skin shoes.

    If you are looking for a pair of shoes that give a subtle and uniform look then crocodile exotic skin shoes are the best choice. This is because of the fact that the scales are consistently shaped and are also uniform. If you are looking for random and flashy styles then you could choose crocodile full skin shoes.

  • Lizard skin

    While the alligator and crocodile skin dress shoes men are the ones that are most popular, there are also other styles that have been coming into light now. Lizard skin shoes are one such style of the exotic skin shoes and they are available in different colors and patterns.

    Usually the lizard skin shoes are preferred by people who like a conservative look since the scales are usually smaller than the crocodilian hides. But there are also lizards that have skins of bright and vibrant colors. Thus make sure to go through the various styles available before you make the choice.

    Lizard skin shoes are also the ones that are considered to be the most affordable of the lot. If you are looking for an elegant and unique pair of shoes then you should consider choosing the lizard hot style skin dress shoes.

  • Ostrich skin

    Ostrich skin is also one of the exotic skin styles that have been becoming popular in recent times. Ostrich leather is known to be strong and durable thus making it a popular choice for people who want a pair of fashionable shoes that they could wear often.

    The unique feature of the ostrich leather shoes is that they come with the bumps which makes them stand out easily. If you are a person who loves the unique look skin shoes then you should be thinking of choosing the ostrich skin shoes. Usually people would recommend you to choose the dark colored dress shoes but if you are comfortable you can also choose the coloredexotic skin shoes styles.

One thing with the exotic skin dress shoes is that you should spend enough time for the maintenance to maintain the flashy and fashionable look. It isn’t very hard, you just need to have the right materials and time to do it.

The first thing to remember would be to clean your shoes with a soft lint free cloth after the use. This will get rid of the dirt and mud from these shoes. You could use a shoe brush to reach the places that you can’t with the cloth. Then you can use a exotic shoe cleanser go clean the shoes once in a while. And you can use a polish and conditioner to maintain the supple look of the shoes. Proper conditioning of these rich style skin shoes will help maintain the look and also prevent them from cracking.

Exotic dress shoes are an important of every fashion aficionado's life, you know. When worn, they provide style, beauty, comfort and effectively reflect your personality. They are the perfect combination of style and fashion and would be a direct representation of your lifestyle and individual personality.Exotic skin shoes actually do play a major role in elevating your look and accentuating your masculine silhouette. In fact, they are a perfect fashion accessory that most upscale men couldn't live without. These shoes do have the ability to transform any outfit and exude your own personal style. They are more elegant and do have a sleek style that is appropriate for any sort of occasion.

Mens Belvedere Vasco Hornback Crocodile Sneaker in Brown

Be it a work related event of casual event or dinner party or wedding event or prom event, you can always adorn your feet with these attractive exotic dress shoes and enhance your image. They can be worn to create a sexy and fashionable style that could never be gotten from other footwear choices. They do come in countless variations, colors, styles and designs to suit the fashion preferences and desires of every single individual. They also let you mix and match styles until you could create the perfect fashionable look. These shoes are great for work related events and occasions, but are often reserved for special occasions like wedding parties, ball events, parties and even romantic date outs.

When you would like to look your best and entice attention all the time wherever place you go, flashy style skin shoes are the go-to option for you. They could be either formal or casual depending upon your individual style. There are hot style skin dress shoes, rich style skin shoes and unique look skin shoes that do have a stunning appeal, but also are amazingly great for everyday wear. They are versatile shoe choices that could be dressed up or down with your outfit. Often, they are made of top-notch leather fabric and are a more formal footwear choice that could be paired with formal trousers for a professional appeal or with casual denim jeans for a more laid back look.

They are comfortable and great looking choices that would add more to your look and glam up your beauty quotient, when worn in the right way with right outfits. Today's fashion designers from all around the world endeavor hard and take enormous efforts to deliver the best of their talents and skills, when it comes to create attractive designer skin dress shoes. These fashion footwear choices are classified according to the needs and moods of the wearer, you know. Most of the upscale men prefer wearing lace up style shoes, while some men love to wear slip on style shoes with the best of their fashion accessories and outfits.

Mens Belvedere Orfeo Caiman & Italian Calf Sneaker in Navy

You could simply take your pick from the extensive range of best skin dress shoes and you are all set to get flattered with good compliments for your incredibly fashionable look. If you would like to perk up your wardrobe and step up your style, then exotic shoes are for you. Gone are the days, when these shoes were used for warmth and protection, but now they are used for fashion and style. They are versatile and are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Today, as the times have changed, many modern men have changed their dressing style and fashion sense as well.

Along with the change in dressing style, there has been a great and stunning transformation in the style of their footwear too. Today, they often prefer wearing mens exotic shoe styles for all their special occasions and events. These shoe choices have become more stylish and trendy and do portray a different class when you walk out in public. They have also become and stunning style statement. Before making your purchase, you need to know what kind of exotic shoe would suit your personality in an appropriate way and then you could make right choice.

Durable skin dress shoes are a great option over traditional conservative shoe choices, if you are not feeling comfortable and fashionable with them. They are the best footwear choices, if you are looking out for comfort and style in just a single pair. Today, we are living in a cut throat competitive world and look matters everywhere. It is one of the crucial issues that need to be taken care of. When you wear a pair of popular skin dress shoes, you can present yourself in an amazingly right way.

Whether you are going out for a formal event or preparing yourself for an after work party or getting ready to have fun with your friends and colleagues, you can present yourself in the most stylish way with an attractive pair of flashy style skin shoes on your feet. When worn in the right way, they would give you a well-groomed and streamlined look that can be unparalleled. Just pamper your feet with these stunningly stylish suits and see how beautifully they add style and loveliness to your personality. Not only are they classy in appearance, but also offer you good comfort.

Mens Belvedere Karmelo Lizard Cap Toe Dress Shoe in Tan Mens Belvedere Isola Ostrich Quill Dress Shoe in Black

By wearing a pair of fashionable expensive skin shoes, you could add grace and charm to your look. Even though they are little bit expensive, they are worth the amount spent. These nice shoes are certain to give you a shining look and better appearance. Luckily, there is a huge selection of dress shoes online for you to select from that would capture your individual style and preference in every single aspect. No other footwear choice is more versatile than a pair of high quality skin shoes. Able to worn in both casual and formal setting, you simply can't go wrong with exotic shoes.

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