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Mens King Exotic Cowboy Boots

When you are bored with the usual routine of the leather shoes and want to try out something different, then it is time for you to go shopping for exotic skin shoes. You might have already heard about the exotic skin shoes and exotic boots style. The exotic skin shoes are expensive than the usual leather shoes and thus it is important that you should get a quality and authentic one. It would be best if you choose the shoes from a well known brand. Our recommendation for you today is to choose the King exotic shoes and boots. The brand has been in the market for a long time now and they have quite a following from the lovers of exotic skin shoes and boots. Interested to know more? Read the article to know the different styles of the exotic skin available and how best to select the right kind of shoes.

King Exotic is a name that has remained unshaken for quite some time in the highly competitive shoes world. This is because of the quality that the King exotic offers. The king exotic shoes are made from the rare skins of the exotic animals and the also carefully handmade. If you are looking for a worthy style that would make you stand out from the crowd, then there is no better style than the King exotic cowboy boots. The intricate detailing of these King exotic boots makes it preferable by men who love to try out a new and fashionable style. If you take a look at the King exotic boots, you can find the details that are involved with the boots, the careful work that has gone into the making of the boots and so much more. When you are paying an ample amount for the boots, it is important that the look and the making matches it’s level. With King exotic boots you will reap the benefits for the money that you spend on the shoes.

Coming back to the exotic skin boots and shoes, you might already know that there are various style available in the market. There are different options for you to choose from. Each of these exotic skin leathers give out a different kind of look and thus it is important that you know about the particular style before you purchase it. Also the needs of the people might vary like a person might be looking for a pair of flashy boots while another person might be looking for durable boots. Thus knowing about the style truly helps you pick out the right one.

1. Alligator leather

Anyone who is new to the exotic leather products would have first heard about the alligator skin products. This is because of the fact that they are the most popular and also the ones that are considered to be the most subtle among all. If you are a person who is used to the calfskin leather shoes and you are trying out the exotic skin shoes for the first time, then you might be advised to choose Alligator shoes.

The price involved is much higher than the regular leather shoes and also the highest among all the exotic skin shoes. Along with the popularity, the rareness of the leather is also another reason for the elevated price. If you are looking for a pair of mens western cowboy shoes with a distinctive pattern and a high gloss then you should go with the alligator skin shoes.

The alligator shoes come in rich and deep colors. But if you consider the price to be too high for a pair of mens exotic cowboy shoes but still love the pattern then you can choose the crocodile shoes. These shoes have a similar print but with slight differences. The price is much lower than the alligator skin shoes.

2. Ostrich leather

Ostrich leather has a distinctive pattern which comes with the bumps which are vacant quill follicles. These come in various densities and this gives out a unique and intricate look for the shoes. The ostriches are farmed for their feather, skin and meat and this farming started in South Africa during the First World War period. The feathers were widely used to create fashionable hats and military uniforms. Since then a lot of products have been innovated and one among them are the mens ostrich cowboy shoes and boots.

There are different parts from which the leather is taken like the crown of the animal or the place where the body connects with the neck. The Quality and feel of the leather will vary with the place from which leather is extracted. Depending on your need you will have to select the right style of these shoes. For example, you can choose to go with the full quill ostrich leather cowboy shoes when you love a country and rugged look. These shoes come with distinct pumps with pores making the shoes look like a plucked bird. The foot portion comes with thick leather.

If you are looking for a much more simple and casual look then you should go with smooth ostrich dress cowboy shoes men’s. These come with small and flat quills. If you love the ostrich shoes but do not want the bumpy nature that comes along with it then you should choose smooth ostrich shoes.

Other than these usual style of the exotic shoes there are also lesser known versions like snakeskin shoes, stingray leather shoes, lizard shoes and more. Each of these shoes tend to offer a different kind of look and depending on your taste make sure that you find the right one. King exotic cowboy boots are one of the most popular style of the shoes. With king exotic shoes the authenticity is assured and the price is also reasonable. If you are looking for mens cowboy shoes cheap then make sure that the leather used is authentic.