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Mens Formal & Tuxedo Shoes

You might have come across the quote “Good shoes take you good places”. This might sound absurd but know that shoes are one of the most important details that a person notes about your outfit. Imagine that you are attending an interview. You will have to be properly dressed up for the event for the interviewer to get a good impression. Thus it is imperative that you have to know about the different styles of the shoes. In this article we will talk more about the formal shoes for men and how you can make the accessory work for different events and different outfits.

Usually when we dress up, we do it for the special occasions like weddings or important meetings. Thus while you clean up for these events, you need to do it perfectly. Whether be it tuxedos or shoes, formal shoes provide you with that completion of the outfit. A quality pair of formal shoes will perfectly complement your formal outfit and elevate the look. You might already know that there are various styles of the mens formal shoes available in the market. Each of these styles provide with a different kind of look and thus make sure that you go through the styles to find the one which would work for you.

Mens Mezlan Sexto Patent Leather & Woven Calfskin Formal Tuxedo Shoe in Black

While there are various things that you should note about the formal shoes, the first thing to note is the material from which it is made from. Leather shoes are the ones that are usually recommended for the formal events. Quality leather tuxedo shoesare the ones that perfectly work with the formal outfits like tuxedos and suits. Check the quality of the leather and whether the price that you pay is worth the product. If you aren’t too sure about checking the quality then we would suggest you to choose the branded shoes. This way you can ensure the quality of the shoes along with the reasonable price ranges. Go through the options in mens tuxedo shoes saleand then choose the best tuxedo shoes men.

If you are thinking about getting the formal shoes for yourself then we are here to help you make a decision fast. Here are some of the best formal shoes that are popular among the general public along with their best features explained. You might already some of these in your collection and if so learn about the styling of these shoes to reinvent the style.

Oxford shoes

This is the most popular style of the formal shoes and almost all the men would have atleast one pair of these in their footwear collection. The main feature of this style of the shoes is the closed lacing system and the stitching that comes across the bottom part of the shoes. Other than this, you can also identify the oxford shoes by the low heel and the short back. The oxford shoes are the best when it comes to attaining a neat and Sophisticated look for your outfit.

Mens Mezlan Postdam Calfskin Oxford Dress Shoe in Black

Usually the oxford dress shoes mens are paired with the formal outfits but you can also try pairing with the smart casual outfits. Here are some of the styling ideas for you to refer. For a simple and classy look, you can choose to style the oxford mens formal shoes with a white and blue striped dress shirt, charcoal check wool suit and a navy knit tie. But if you are looking for a formal outfit that you can wear to a black tie event then pair the black tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a white pocket square. The perfect way to complement this outfit is to add with it a pair of black mens tuxedo shoes.

Derby shoes

Derby shoes are another common style of the shoes like that of the Oxford shoes. It is similar to the Oxford shoes but comes with the open lacing system. This is a style that is less formal than the Oxford shoes and can be paired with the smart casual and casual outfits too. There are various styles in the derby shoes and depending on the style you can make it work with the outfits.

Usually derby leather shoes are the ones that are recommended for the formal outfits. For a super easy but stylish look you can pair the brown three piece suit with a white dress shirt and navy polka dot tie. To give the outfit a refined vibe, you can choose to add with it a pair of black socks and dark brown mens tuxedo shoes. For a stylish and casually relaxed outfit you can pair the light blue long sleeve shirt with a black shawl cardigan and a pair of navy jeans. Top things off with a tan bomber jacket and then a pair of dark brown derby formal shoes.

Mens Belvedere Alfred Alligator Derby Shoe in Caramel

Monk strap

Mens Mezlan Argentum Lizard Double Monk Strap in Cognac

If you are a person who likes unique styles rather than rolling with the formal styles, then monk strap shoes are your style. These formal shoes come with a strap that runs across the front of the shoes along with one or two buckles. This is a versatile style of shoes that you can style for almost all events. If you are bored with the usual Oxford and derby shoes, then go with the sharp look of the monk strap shoes. For a seriously smart look, you can style the monk strap mens fashion tuxedo shoes with a grey plaid blazer with a light blue dress shirt and a pair of black chinos. Complete your getup with a pair of dark brown monk strap shoes.

For a fashion savvy look, you can style the grey plaid blazer with a brown turtleneck and a pair of white jeans. A pair of black mens designer tuxedo shoes monk strap is one of the best ways to round off the look. Other than the leather shoes you can also choose to go with the suede formal shoes or the mens velvet tuxedo shoes.

Mens formal shoes do come in a range of styles, designs, patters and sizes, but the kind of shoes you wear would depend on where you are wearing them to or the individual occasion you are having. There are numerous formal shoe designs available in the fashion market today but there is nothing wrong with selecting to put on something classic and appealing. It is always important for every single fashion aficionado to dress up right for every single occasion depending on the formality of the event. These formal dress shoes do have a classic style and you can pair them up with some chic and contemporary outfits in order to make a perfect fashion statement.

When you have these shoes on your feet, you will find no other man sporting such a stunning style. You will certainly be distinctive and your appearance would be stunningly amazing. Anyone and everyone could look amazingly trendy in a pair of stylish formal shoes and they could be complimented with most of your outfits. They are actually a key accessory that perfectly matches with just about every single formal professional ensemble. Most of these shoes do have an exquisite tailoring and patent shiny finish that distinguishes them from the regular dress shoes. They are commonly worn with formal tailcoats, dinner jackets and tuxedo outfits, you know.

When buying formal dress shoes for you, it is extremely important to choose a style that perfectly suits your fashion preferences and tastes. If you choose to wear round toe shoes, you can have a conventionally professional outlook that is just right for your regular workplace. For a more contemporary appearance to your professional outfit, you can opt for square toe formal shoes. You know, there are many different formal dress shoe varieties available in the fashion market that suit your individual personality and fashion desires. Formal shoe styles are sleek and they do come with attractive features. They are also made of tasteful colors and cater to your fashion taste.

Whatever shoe style you choose to wear, they look stunningly great and add a touch of class and grace to your individual persona. There are attractive special designs, styles and patterns made especially for modern upscale gentlemen. It doesn’t mean that you can wear formal shoes to formal occasions alone, but also you can wear them to anywhere you like. Be it a special event or casual meeting or social gathering, you can always wear these formal shoes and accentuate your mannish appeal.

Mens Mezlan Pio Formal Patent Calf & Velvet Dress Tuxedo Shoe in Black Mens Mezlan Alesso Formal Velvet Tuxedo Dress Shoe in Navy

If you would like to relish in a nice walk around the town, you can adorn your feet with a pair of attractive best quality formal shoes and give your feet the sophisticated style and ultimate comfort. With them, you can explore a perfect male attitude that would eventually make you feel more confident and great. When worn with right outfits in the right way, they would give your feet a nice and luxurious look. These shoes would enhance your overall glamour and help you stay apart from the crowd. Lightweight formal dress shoes could be a good option which you could wear knowing that it is a great choice to perk up your look in real time.

Since they are made of top notch leather, they would always ensure that your feet feel the ultimate comfort. You can wear these shoes and carry out all your daily works effectively and explore a better way of life. A pair of luxurious formal dress shoes is also another nice footwear option, which you could choose making sure that you could discover a peculiarly unique look. The extensive range means that every individual would certainly find a pair they would definitely fall in love with. You know, fashion models are wearing them, cine stars are wearing them, sport stars are wearing them, college students are wearing them, local people are wearing them – everybody is relishing in the style and comfort of these stunning footwear choices.

These shoes do have a style and uniqueness of their own and would definitely add more to your look. Beyond doubt, they offer you elevated look, accentuated masculine appeal and the necessary comfort, when you wear them. They are much more comfortable and fashionable than any other footwear choices available in the fashion market right now. Everyone from leading entrepreneurs to casual strollers could be seen wearing these wonderful footwear choices. If your work involves greater hours of standing, you can lean towards durable formal shoes that could be worn for many hours a day without even realizing that you have them on your feet. They will fit perfectly into your feet and make them contended and pleased all the time.

Mens Mezlan Forest Calfskin Wingtip Monk Strap Dress Shoe in Black

With these shoes, there won’t be any tension or worry about keeping your feet comfortable and sophisticated all the time. With fashion evolving at a fast pace, mens low cost formal shoes are becoming much more attractive and strikingly great, you know. When teamed up with correct clothes and matching fashion accessories, they could give you a stunningly classy look that would be loved by everyone around. This is the main reason they have become the preferred footwear choice for many upscale men.

You will look extremely hot and sexy if you clearly know how to match your formal shoes with your existing clothing line. Bright colored formal shoes look extremely masculine and that is why they are a rage amongst modern men of all ages. When you wear them and attend a special occasion, people gathered there won’t be able to keep their eyes off you. The design range of mens formal dress shoes has no limits, you know. That is the main reason why they are making their presence felt everywhere.

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