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Mens Jake Woods Exotic Skin

If you are a person who is going to try out your first pair of dress shoes and do not have much idea on where to start then you should choose Jake Woods as the reference. The EastEnders star has a classic sense of fashion that will be a good reference for the people who want advice on selecting the dress shoes. The simple yet elegant style is what everyone aims for when a formal event arises. You could take style lessons from the star and when you are quite comfortable with the dress shoes style, you can choose to make your own decisions. Here is everything that you need to know about Jake Woods shoes style.

If you are a fan of EastEnders then you might already know Jake Woods. The star is quite popular both on screen and off screen. He is known for his Witty humor but also his style. Jake Woods looks awesome in every outfit that he wears, especially when he attends the promotional events. Most of his suits are standard – navy suits, black suits, grey suits and more. He pairs them with low risk combining garments and the resulting look is prim and proper. If you have been thinking of styling your shoes to formal events like church weddings or even to interviews then you should take note of some his styles.

If you have been following fashion news recently then you might have noted the rising hate towards the standard suits. The younger generation is now being more focused on the colored suits and the standard suits are considered a bore. This is inevitable with the standard suits ruling the menswear for centuries. But there is a fact that we ignore. The standard suits might be boring but they are still a vital part of our wardrobes. You still need that navy suit to wear to the work and black suits for the funerals. Thus it is important that we make peace with the standard suits and instead learn to style them in interesting ways.

The shoes are a major part of your outfit and thus can alter the type of look of your outfit. Hence it becomes important to carefully choose your shoes. If you take a look at Jake Woods shoes then you might note that he always goes with the simple and formal styles that complement his suit style. These shoes perfectly pair with the standard suits that he wears. The shoes that you choose should match the outfit that you are wearing.

There are different styles of Jake woods shoes and if you are thinking of choosing Jake woods shoes online then look for sites that have these shoes on sale. Take the time to find the sites that have the best quality Jake woods shoes. You can also select the site depending on the budget that you have. Some people might want to go with the most expensive Jake woods shoes while some others would want the affordable Jake woods shoes instead. Thus go through different sites and then choose the ones that would suit your need.

Styling the Jake woods shoes

Dress shoes aren't only meant to be paired with the formal outfits but also can be paired with smart casual and even casual outfits. Thus dress shoes is a good investment to make to your fashion. If you aren't very hyped about styling the Jake woods shoes and would like some ideas then this is for you. Here we have compiled some outfits to which you can pair the Jake woods shoes.

To start with the formal style, you can pair the brown plaid suit with a light blue chambray dress shirt and a black tie. To make the coordination of the outfit truly shine, add a pair of black formal Jake woods shoes with the outfit. When you choose shoes to be paired with the formal outfits, we would suggest you to go with the leather shoes. These shoes are durable and thus would be perfect for daily use.

For a crisp and stylish look, you can pair the tan suit with a blue striped dress shirt and black floral tie. To balance out the style of this getup, we would suggest you to include a pair of navy leather stylish Jake woods loafers to the outfit.

If you want to move on with the smart casual styles of the outfit then you could Style the navy denim jacket with a black crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black chinos. Add with this outfit a grey houndstooth overcoat and a pair of black trendy Jake woods monks to create a cool look for the wearer. Usually people go with the Oxford shoes and derby shoes to pair with the suits but if you want a different kind of look then you can choose the double monks or the single monk strap shoes.

To give the wearer a casually stylish look, you could pair the white crew neck t-shirt with a olive v neck sweater vest, dark brown suede bomber jacket and a pair of white chinos. Display the sophisticated side of the outfit by adding with it a pair of brown suede Jake woods shoes. If you love colors in your outfit then you can style the mustard crew neck sweater with a pair of navy jeans and a beige raincoat. Completing the look is easy with the addition of dark brown unique Jake woods shoes.

If you want a vintage look that also makes you look classy then you can style the dark brown blazer with a tobacco polo and a pair of khaki chinos. To ramp up the style factor of your outfit, add a pair of dark brown best Jake woods shoeswith it. For a stylish tonal look, you could pair the light blue long sleeve shirt with a pair of navy chinos. To step up the look of this outfit, add a pair of violet canvas loafers.